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Subscribe to this thread Vi (LT Viriathus) created by hostilefox on February 12, 2013

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ezioauditore972/17/13 6:43am
Quite probably although I reckon we still might be surprised....

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Roan2/17/13 11:40am
Maybe. We won't know for sure till something shows up. But then again, Vi stands for victory, so...

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Thegunner182/18/13 2:58am
Vi for Vendetta!

Personally, I think there's going to be a whole lot of ass-kicking involved before she kicks the bucket. IF she kicks the bucket. I mean, a fight between Vi and Ravat would be pretty amazing.

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Animefan182/19/13 7:16am
@Thegunner18: i see what you did there

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MrAerospace2/21/13 5:02am
IF Vi is to cark it, I'd very much prefer it not to be an epic last man stand. Anyone who even tries a stupid tactic like that needs to die a horrible and hopelessly quick death, because no matter how bad-ass someone is, that is what happens when you do that in a war.

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ezioauditore972/27/13 5:39am
Considering how much Dave is into military history that probably will not happen.

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CalicoYorki4/11/13 12:21pm
I can see her doing a tactical fake out.

Such as by tricking someone into -thinking- she's stupid enough to try to take a dangerous enemy down with no allies and no plan, and faking her own terror and playing off of their sadism to get them to keep chasing her -

- Straight into a full scale ambush.

Vi: *Draws the Big Gun* I think the word you're looking for... *Flips goggles down over eyes* ...Is "whoops." -Open fire.-

*cue the massacre*

Maybe, maybe not.

I like to speculate.


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DanWithTheHat4/21/13 3:45pm
I can see her doing that well. She is the only member of the Troika with both the looks to pull off looking vulnerable and the firepower to pull an ambush like that off.

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Khyron4/22/13 12:19pm
I hope that with the next couple of wallpapers that are released at least one prominently features Vi.

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ezioauditore977/5/13 7:19am
You and I both!

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Wulfspyder7/10/13 12:08pm
Vi, life gave her pink lemonade, so she shot it in the face. A lot.

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CalicoYorki8/15/13 2:24pm
I think it's time to bring this thread back.

My opinion is that Vi's namesake - Viriathus - may or may not be a reference to how she dies, if it's a reference at all.

I can see her as a master of guerilla warfare, or possibly spearheading a campaign to free Anduruna from some kind of Nightmare occupation.

Whatever the significance of her namesake is, if there is plot impact at all,

Time will have to tell. It always does.

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Mikhail11/15/13 5:53am
Vi should know how to handle a hummer, she is all about nails and sticks and tools... Well, I just always wondering, why does she grip the hummer too close to the hummer head? It can be good idea when youíre starting a nail with a heavy hummer (and you donít have right one around), but it is wrong idea when the hammer fits you well. I guess, Vi doesnít want to smash her pretty thumbs) Because she got a lot of unfinished hammering business to do) And because it is painful too. Ouch.

So, to speak, here is a small hammering tutorial

May it come out, that Vi had joined underground because of free safety glasses? )))

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ezioauditore9711/17/13 6:24pm
Anything that keeps Vi from sustaining injury is good although with the free safety glasses comes the risk of unpleasant injuries but she gets to do some good and since she's well meaning I'm sure she likes it although woe be unto whatever Troika member gets on her bad side!

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ZycantAlpha11/18/13 5:25pm
Sustaining injuries, or causing injuries because I can see the latter happening more frequently.

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