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Subscribe to this thread Vi (LT Viriathus) created by hostilefox on February 12, 2013

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hostilefox2/12/13 2:29pm
Everyone's favorite pink pillow-fighting terror needs a place for discussion it seems. And I have to ask, does anyone think her name is foreshadowing?

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ezioauditore972/12/13 6:13pm
Vi is for victory!Now if only I could do her justice drawing her and not botch it up!

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hostilefox2/12/13 8:17pm
My thought being Viriathus, the ancient Portuguese hero, was a successful leader against the Roman Empire until betrayed by his subordinates in his sleep. Just wonder if that's why her name was picked... Thoughts?

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ConnorDavidson2/12/13 9:01pm
Well, there are lots of characters that have interestingly chosen names. Nabonidus was the last king of Babylon before the Persian/Median Empire conquered it. It could be that they're just cool could also be that there is a hidden subtext with the names in regards to their character.

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MrAerospace2/13/13 1:51pm
I certainly hope that characters don't follow in the footsteps of their namesakes because that would make for some rather predictable plot points. I'll give a huge thumbs up for cool names with a bit of subtext though, it's always fun to see what Dave's been researching. It's like having someone named Zizka in a story that contains armoured troop's a fairly big coincidence!

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ezioauditore972/13/13 6:18pm
Well the series has already proven to be unpredictable and the only thing that seems predictable is the fact that all the deaths are very splattery and well there was not much left of poor Paige or anybody else(still have yet to read Vol.3)........As an avid history enthusiast I admire your recollections.

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ezioauditore972/14/13 5:42am
Seriously though although killing Paige off early was really sad and unexpected and perhaps even nesecary to get some people's attention but, at least he did not do it lightly and I do appreciate that. Now as for Vi...The only thing we now right now is that due to her popularity I think she will be getting plenty of showtime for sure.

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Ice4smaster2/14/13 9:59am
She is truely one of the most badass characters, and she is also sexy hehe. I do hope she will be around for long time if not through the whole story, def any meaningless kill off of her be a crime agents all DK, and her fans, but if she be one of the ones have to go... she must go out with a ridiculusly high kill count of nightmares, and i mean it as a kill-count-o-meter braker amount.

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Aelius2/14/13 7:40pm
OH yeah, Vi is easily one of my favorite characters :D She's got some nice looks, but her attitude and ingenuity are both fun to watch. I think she has some staying power, though you can never tell with stories as twisty as this.

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Roan2/15/13 11:04am
Comparing her to a person in real life, she is almost exactly like me with the personality and stuff.

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ezioauditore972/16/13 4:41pm
Oh really?

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DanWithTheHat2/16/13 5:08pm
With the weaponry she carries, she's definitely not going out without taking out at least a few attackers first. She probably would have to run out of ammo before anyone could get even close. If she does go out like that though, I'm hoping for a nightmare massacre around her first as well. :)

Also, I think Dave said somewhere that he doesn't like meaningless kill-offs so I don't think we have to worry too much about Vi getting killed for no reason.

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ezioauditore972/16/13 7:20pm
Well then she will be able to yell at Mace one last time before going out if that happens.

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Roan2/16/13 10:44pm
Its true. With Vi, I think that would actually be true. You'd only be able to get near her when she runs out of ammo, I think I'd do that as well. But anyways, she is one of the best badass characters in the series if you ask me.

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hostilefox2/17/13 12:05am
That's kindof my point, I'm thinkin the only way to kill her would be in her sleep by someone she trusts. Like her namesake...
Just sayin.

That being said, like Viriathus the Portuguese hero, I could see her taking down tons of enemies and claiming many victories before death claims her,

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