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Subscribe to this thread Avoiding the Ban Hammer - expressing emotions and opinions on the internet created by crazyhead42 on February 8, 2015

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crazyhead422/17/15 5:31pm
That's not fair to me, and that's not fair to him! I played a part in egging him on. When he got off topic, I lead him further with my answers! He's an alcoholic, and I gave him a boatload of alcohol! (Metaphorically. Nothing physical actually exchanged between us) How does that make me not partially at fault?

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Kirito2/17/15 5:34pm
Crazy, Asora was a problem long before you joined. You didn't do anything to change his personality. It's in no way your fault.

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crazyhead422/17/15 5:37pm
Of course I didn't, Kirito! Nothing <i>changed</i>! Not only did I only have a few days, I reinforced his attention seeking behavior! I was part of the problem, not the solution. You told me to ignore what he said. I ignored that! Had I not... maybe this could have been avoided! I ENCOURAGED what I should have DISCOURAGED!

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Asora2/17/15 5:47pm


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Kirito2/17/15 5:48pm
Asora you were banned because of your constant refusal to obey the rules and warnings from moderators.

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Asora2/17/15 5:52pm
WHAT!? I was trying to obey the rules!!! I tried to keep the wildness to a decent level! So far from what I have seen, it was fine! It was controllable! I know that I came THIS CLOSE to getting banned about 3 weeks ago, but I didn't realize it was going that far!

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Kirito2/17/15 5:54pm
The homophobia yesterday is a breach of rule number 4 and is very rude. This has been an ongoing problem, Asora, and you were on your last warning as is.

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PotatoFox2/17/15 5:55pm
It is not the wildness that is bothering people, but the bigoted and homophobic remarks you are renowned for making constantly. I have been in continuous contact with forum users. Some do not hold you in particular favor because of the remarks

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Rekt2/17/15 5:57pm
I'm gonna have to side with Kirito and Potato on this one.

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Digitigraderobo2/17/15 6:05pm
I don't want to seem like a vigilante or anything, but when I looked at the front page of the forum. I sometimes see Asora posting in the 18+ thread, I never actually go into that thread so IDK what goes on in there. But his profile say's he's 14, so should he even be allowed to post on that thread?

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Kirito2/17/15 6:06pm
Yes, Digi. It was decreed that should a person be underage, it is under his own discretion to venture there. However, if he does, he/she has to be mature.

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crazyhead422/17/15 6:07pm
Look, I know this is going to come out all messed up, so I'm just going to post as it comes out:

Yes, Asora was being homophobic. Yes, he was being sexist, and that NEEDS to be handled. Like FAST. But those things are symptoms of a much larger problem. Asora wasn't born this way, he was made into this by something. He freaked out when someone questioned God. You know what that tells me? It tells me that Asora goes to a homophobic church, where he was taught that this kind of stuff is stuff to look UP to. SOMEONE needs to fix that, and if Asora is merely banned, no one will be able to.

I can't even say in good confidence that students would have problems with that kind of attitude in <i>MY</i> school. No, it's not okay, but the answer isn't to remove the teachers.
If it were possible to force Asora's posts to be approved individually before they could be published, I'd say that would be a better option, and say "You know what? Force Asora to go through me". But I don't think that is possible. I don't even know what options there are.

And you also don't know that I could message an older christian fundamentalist and ask him just how long it took him to get over homophobia once he got out of his home and into the world, as shown by his character in Dumbing of Age.


Actually that gives me an idea...

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crazyhead422/17/15 6:10pm
Ki, is it possible to freeze or suspend a commentator's account instead of outright banning it?

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Kirito2/17/15 6:12pm
No, it's not possible. There is only one option and one option only. Perma Banning.

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crazyhead422/17/15 6:13pm
Well that stinks. Who builds a system with only two extremes?
Okay, let's get slightly more creative... How about a mod-induced password and/or email change?

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