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Subscribe to this thread Avoiding the Ban Hammer - expressing emotions and opinions on the internet created by crazyhead42 on February 8, 2015

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crazyhead422/12/15 5:45pm
Trust me, if I could draw, you'd understand completely by now.
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|Asora 2/12/15 4:22pm
|1.) I actually do in fact go to a highschool. Now in my freshman year.
|2.) ..........yeah, but truth be told, I kinda wish I was into that much of that kind of
|stuff. Luckily however, at least I don't go all out.
|3.) Well, that depends. Are you complex, incredible enthusiastic, big hearted, religious, and

Yes, Yes, Yes, (I'm assuming a comma missing) yes, no and yes.

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crazyhead422/16/15 9:30pm
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Okay, so I'm incapable of drawing, but I can modify existing photos like a charm.

I also know my way around cleshes, themes, and have at least two characters previously designed in my head. What do you have?

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Asora2/16/15 9:32pm

*unzips pants*

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crazyhead422/16/15 9:33pm

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crazyhead422/16/15 9:33pm
Nothing rapey, and I'm not going to be willing to have the big S or S-y events with anyone.

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crazyhead422/16/15 9:35pm
*sigh*. Asora, Thread Jump means we stop spamming the other threads and go here!

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Asora2/16/15 9:35pm
Wait, WHAT? NO! I was just pulling out my Idea Notebook from the inside of my pants.


What did you think I was doing?

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crazyhead422/16/15 9:36pm
You know.

Also, if we are going to do this, you can't use Memes, and you have to be careful of coppyright. I am also not in the mood for lawsuits.

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Asora2/16/15 9:39pm

Are you that serious now? Really? Lawsuits? Like someone that desperate is gonna get so butt-hurt on two teens using their content, that they are gonna file a lawsuit on their poor a**es? Seriously?

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crazyhead422/16/15 9:43pm
Sooo, here are my characters:

White, young adult, blond female who has always been in love with fiction and superheroes, but has recognized through reason just how unrealistic her being one would be. Deep understanding and respect for a number of super villains. Poison Ivy is her favorite.
Somehow managed to become a superhero. Also, lightly more/less mature than I am.

Edit: also anti-religious.

Half-deamon dark/purple haired female, about the same age (judged by looks, may be mentally older). Always had to watch her emotions, and a personality juxtaposed the first girl.
Still a superhero.

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crazyhead422/16/15 9:44pm
I'm not giving out my age, Asora, and considering Tobacco companies sued COUNTRIES, there's a chance.

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Asora2/16/15 9:56pm

*lets out breath*

Might as well go for it I guess.


Light-skinned, dark-brown haired, 14 year old kid who is big-hearted, incredible enthusiastic, comedic, religious, and has basic-advance intelligence, but, has multiple personalities inside his head. He has an incredible range of imagination, which leads him to some-how gain the power of creating and manipulating beings and objects out of his own mind.

However, due to this incredible power, he suddenly has to face and struggle against an alternate form of himself who claims to be his "true self".

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crazyhead422/16/15 9:58pm
So dual Asoras, a Crazyhead42, and a knock-off of the best superhero known to the Teen Titans. Sounds like a good advertisement. Now, lets figure out the setting, character relations, and the plot.

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crazyhead422/16/15 10:08pm
But, uh, can I please see some of your works first?

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Asora2/16/15 10:10pm

*gives crazyhead weed*

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