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Subscribe to this thread Avoiding the Ban Hammer - expressing emotions and opinions on the internet created by crazyhead42 on February 8, 2015

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crazyhead422/10/15 6:38pm
*puts on superhero mask*
*Ties Cape (Over the shoulder then behind the back, like it SHOULD BE! Seriously, infront of the neck is sooo wrong for cape wearing)*
*Stands on top of building*

I'm ready.


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Asora2/10/15 6:43pm
o_o would be better if you put on more reliable and casual-like clothing..........just saying.

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crazyhead422/10/15 6:47pm

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Asora2/11/15 6:54am

Because........capes are hazardous. Here's an example:

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crazyhead422/11/15 8:47am
Not my fault they all tie them wrong! You don't attach them to the suit, and you never go in front of the neck. If you go over the shoulder then under the armpits to tie the cape in the back, you can slip right out if anything goes wrong. Plus, that changes the force from the center to the sides - likely it will throw your shoulders back enough to facilitate your escape.

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ST34LTH2/11/15 9:19am
Lol, got the art of cape-making and -wearing down to a science there XD

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crazyhead422/11/15 9:31am
But I'm serious! Superheroes wear their capes wrong! ONE CHANGE can increase their viability hugely! And if you learn to watch your form when dealing with vortexes, you increase your chances of surviving a cape emergency!

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Asora2/11/15 4:29pm


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crazyhead422/11/15 7:46pm

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Havoc2/11/15 7:58pm
Okay you can have your Cape but I get a Baker's dozen of flamethrowers.

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crazyhead422/11/15 8:03pm
Okay. Where would you like your Baker's dozen sent? I can find a doughnut shop near you. Unless you prefer cupcakes, in which you will experience a longer delay.

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Havoc2/11/15 8:11pm
Good point I don't need flamethrowers I'm already a Pyromancer burn baby burn!!

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Asora2/12/15 5:10pm

I meant to say that if wearing a cape one way can potentially kill you, and the other way likely giving you more mobility, which all depends on how you wear the cape, even though both ways still give a high risk of getting caught on something, grabbed by something, or etc..........then you might as well not wear a cape at all then.

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crazyhead422/12/15 5:16pm
Both ways have the same risk of getting caught, yes. However, the new tie for capes does not really hinder mobility. You can move just the same as you could with a different cape attachment, however you can easily escape your cape if you need to with my tie suggestion.

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Asora2/12/15 5:31pm

*tries to say something*

You know what, yeah, when you put it in that perspective, I kind've see the second suggestion working out..........I guess. :P

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