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Dreamkeepers Forums - Avoiding the Ban Hammer - expressing emotions and opinions on the internet

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Subscribe to this thread Avoiding the Ban Hammer - expressing emotions and opinions on the internet created by crazyhead42 on February 8, 2015

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crazyhead422/8/15 11:48am
Okay, this thread was made specifically for @Asora, though I would not mind if others came here as well. While online, there is a specific set of standards people expect from community members. Unfortunately, those standards take time to learn, and certain maturity levels can learn it faster than others.

This thread is for people who wish to openly and freely express themselves to learn how to do so without getting in or causing too much trouble, with your student teacher, Crazyhead42. I enjoy a good argument, so am likely to tolerate a high level of inappropriateness, but will not tolerate insults to others or inflammatory arguments.

I've also talked to the moderators, and they have agreed to use their powers sparingly, but please keep to the following guidelines:

- No insults
- No cussing
- No profanities
- No making me add to this list! (I will if I have to, but I'd rather not)

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crazyhead422/8/15 6:05pm
No. If something is going to "go over like a lead baloon" it means that something isn't going to work. Like, say I try to power my car with water. That is likely to go over like a lead balloon, unless I happen to have a hydrogen car. And even then, water is like exhaust to a hydrogen car. It won't really work.

Here's a link:

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Asora2/8/15 6:17pm

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crazyhead422/8/15 6:19pm

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MobileCrusader2/8/15 6:23pm
I am monitoring this thread to keep it civil. I have faith that i wont be needed though.

The biggest part of getting along online with one another is allowing yourself to accept others opinions. You do not always have to agree... that is boring and false.. disagreement breeds knowledge and better opinions. Respect is key.

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Asora2/8/15 6:25pm

*grabs Mobile by the shirt*


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wildcard2/8/15 6:26pm
I'm not unconvinced you two aren't the same person.

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MobileCrusader2/8/15 6:27pm
So I heard. I missed it, but got the memo.

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Asora2/8/15 6:29pm

What are you talking about?

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wildcard2/8/15 6:34pm
Asora and crazyhead posts seem very alike to me.

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crazyhead422/8/15 6:35pm
Asora, Mobile and the other moderators are not going to intervene in most circumstances. Danwiththehat will be able to reassure them that this thread is not one which they will moderate with their usual vigor, but rather just keep an eye on it to keep things from getting too far out of hand.

Huh? No, we aren't the same person. We may have had similar ideologies, (I got professor instead of journalist) but I can assure you that we are NOT the same person.

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Asora2/8/15 6:48pm
Or in other words:

crazyhead42 - Kind and intelligent girl with college-like vocabulary that takes things a bit too seriously and literal (by that, I mean jokes).

Asora - O3O

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MobileCrusader2/8/15 6:54pm
Yea I'm gonna have to disagree with you there Wildcard.

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crazyhead422/8/15 8:18pm
Wow! Been on here a few weeks (maybe) and already my vocabulary's been complimented! Nice.


But anyway, as I was saying in the ideologies strand, there are plenty of reasons to be skeptical about religion. You should not jump on those who say they don't believe in a god. It's a little rude, but it's mostly a bit ignorant of an individual's own rights and ability to determine their own beliefs.

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Prometheus2/8/15 8:57pm
I'm glad to see a thread like this. I've been monitoring the place as a guest for a few days now and I have been keeping my mod cap handy, expecting the worst. Maybe now, we can get some decorum.

I was actually going to create a thread in Spamduruna that would be similar to this thread, but it was simply going to be a thread for literally anything you wanted to say barring racist/bigoted/sexist remarks. Anything at all! I might still create it since a thread like this can go either way in terms of results.

Still, I'm hoping to see some success out of this and hopefully will show users, like Asora, the way.

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