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Subscribe to this thread State of Debate created by Kirito on February 5, 2015

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Kirito2/5/15 12:55pm
I feel like we need a thread to discuss all the cray happenins' of the world and such. Of course yall gotta be respectful to each other. Think like a greek Agora.

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crazyhead422/7/15 8:55pm
Aww. I clicked on this cause I thought it would be interesting, and there's nothing here!

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TruthQuest2/7/15 9:32pm
Juusst yoouu wait.

It'll come sooon enough.

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Kirito2/8/15 11:27am
we need a super interesting and controversial topic >=3

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TruthQuest2/8/15 11:35am
There is always Global Warming.

Admittedly, that's heavy on the Science, but hey, you asked.

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Kirito2/8/15 11:37am
what about something easier like open carry or something

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crazyhead422/8/15 11:41am
How about weather or not it's okay to discuss abortion in here? Nah, not really a lot of content... Why can't I think of a single controversial topic?!?!

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TruthQuest2/8/15 11:41am
I am not aware of 'open carry' because TV does not work and I make a rule of staying away from bad news on the internet.

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crazyhead422/8/15 11:43am
"Open Carry" would be more controversial if the people advocating for it weren't real jerks in other ways. But there doesn't seem to be a good foundation. CURSE YOU POLITICS AND MEDIA FOR NOT DOING YOUR JOBS!!

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TruthQuest2/8/15 11:46am
Politics is always controversial.

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crazyhead422/8/15 11:50am
Yeah, if you like poorly contrived insults based on politician's names. -_-
Unless by that you mean you have an issue to suggest based on politics? *ears perk up*

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Kirito2/8/15 11:52am
open carry is openly carrying a weapon

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crazyhead422/8/15 11:58am
But it's a bit more than that. Those advocating for Open Carry want to do so without rules or respect for others - which INCLUDES not running through high tension areas with their guns on their backs. They also want it to be limited to a single group, as seen when a kid in the park got shot and just for having a Bebe gun. Where were the open carry supporters when that kid got shot?

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crazyhead422/26/15 10:59pm
Aparently Title II reclasification of the internet is a far more controversial topic than expected. Anyone want to weigh in?

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sporefox12/27/15 11:36am
Hmm, well I feel the internet should be unclassified, unless it comes to better protection for private information.

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