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Subscribe to this thread League of Legends Players created by Kymastrider on February 2, 2015

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Kymastrider2/2/15 9:38am
I was wondering if there were any League of Legends players out there?

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ST34LTH2/2/15 10:22am
To reply more on point to your editted post, then yes, there are a fair few of us who play it; me included.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/2/15 11:56am
Very, VERY Rarely. More often maybe once i get a better pc...

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Dawonguy2/3/15 5:39pm
maybe not very well or for very long, but I play

any fav champs?

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ST34LTH2/4/15 4:48am
I personally prefer champs like Viktor, Graves, Darius and Rengar. Though I sadly don't have any of those on the NA server, since I'm a european and primarily play(ed) on EUW.

Edit: Forgot to add Vel'koz and Xerath, but at this point it seems a bit pointless to say "champs 'like' X" XD

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Rekt2/4/15 10:54am
Katarina all day err'day ovo

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Dawonguy2/4/15 1:58pm
for me,
top: Gnar (he's so adorable)
mid: Ahri
Supp: Blitzcrank
ADC: Ashe

(I think there is enough for DK league team here.)

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GodofVelcro2/4/15 9:34pm

Seriously though, LoL and Dota both have their high's and low's, there is no argument to decide which is best.

In any case, I have no idea what you guys are talking about. :D

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ST34LTH2/5/15 6:20am
I personally prefer LoL when I want to go something more casual (which is often >.>), and then Dota if I am to at least try and be competitive. Oh... and Smite whenever friends want to mix it up a little.

We should get people together and do a match (or several) of LoL/Dota/Whatever some time; I'm pretty sure it'd be a blast. Since the skill-level of people here seems vastly different, ranging from beginners to near-pros, normal matchmaking might not be as fun for all, whereas an old-school match for fun'd be great imo.

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Dawonguy2/6/15 2:56pm
Yes, that would be fun. My summoner name on League btw is PotatoStereo.

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Rekt2/7/15 1:13am
I've recently made a smurf account for stuff like this! Name is "BR8K"

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Graystripe772/8/15 2:19pm
I play as well, it's SashaHyena if anyone wants to add me NA

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MobileCrusader2/9/15 11:57am
I don't remember my username... Been too long.

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Animefan182/13/15 12:47am
Username: Robcomicwizard

Champs: Annie(bot or mid), Teemo(bot or mid), and Jinx(bot or mid)

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FoxPhantom2/13/15 9:32am
Haven't played the game much, but I am PhantomOfAura on that game.

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