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Subscribe to this thread 2015 SuperBowl Livestream created by Kirito on February 1, 2015

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Kirito2/1/15 5:34pm
Touchdown, seahawks. Extra point good. 7 - 7 tie game

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/1/15 5:43pm

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Kirito2/1/15 6:01pm
gg ikr

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Kirito2/1/15 6:11pm
half time show has started patriots lead

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Kirito2/1/15 6:27pm
and with that, the second half has begun

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Kirito2/1/15 6:34pm
tied 14-14

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Kirito2/1/15 6:45pm
Seahawks lead 17 - 14 with a fieldgoal

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PotatoFox2/1/15 6:54pm
But oh no! The ball has miraculously deflated! Giving the *enter team here* quarterback a godlike grip on it! Nothing can stop them now!

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Kirito2/1/15 6:57pm

touchdown seahawks, they lead 24 - 14

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Kirito2/1/15 6:58pm
and I'm going to bed. Long day tomorrow, you know the drill. SOMEONE TAKE OVER PLS

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Prometheus2/1/15 8:42pm
Why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why?


If Pete Carroll and whoever the Seahawks' offensive coordinator is don't get fired over that, I will never watch another NFL game that doesn't have the Jaguars in it. That was rigged, under-the-table bullshit. Had to be.

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Prometheus2/1/15 9:10pm
Okay, now that that post is out of the way...

Picture the scenario:

Nearly 30 seconds left in the game.
Down by four points.
A touchdown is needed to win it.
2nd and goal from 1/2 yard.

Naturally, you'd either give the ball to your RB and let him fight a few inches into the end zone or keep it yourself and try to run it in from the outside corners.

But, guess what Russell Wilson does?

He throws it from five yards with two possible receivers covered and gets picked.

Fucking. Horse. Crap. Absolutely horrendous call by Carroll and staff. Someone's gonna get their dick knocked into the dirt for sure.

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DanWithTheHat2/1/15 9:16pm
That was the worst play call in Superbowl history....

Pete Carroll's explanation: "We didn't have the matchup we wanted to run the ball. We were going to throw it and then run it two times after that if we had to."

I think he must've had a stroke or something before that decision. You have Marshawn Frickin' Lynch. Run the Damn Ball!!!!

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DanWithTheHat2/1/15 9:23pm
It's so unexplicable. I am so mad, and I don't even like the Seahawks. I just really hate downright stupidity...

Like you said, even if they wanted to throw it there to get a better match up do a bootleg or something to the outside that is safe. An inside throw when the whole defense was pressing in is suicidal.

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Prometheus2/1/15 9:25pm
Exactly! The guy was on fire for practically the whole game! He could've dragged half the Pats defense with them wrapped around his legs into the end zone and kept on going! Hell, Russell Wilson is a phenomenal runner for a QB. He could've easily thought twice about throwing it, looked for a hole, and ran it in to win it.

Just... unbelievable.

EDIT: I'm a solid Jaguars fan since I live and breathe Jacksonville, but I end up watching the postseason games when the Jags end up throwing the season away. Blake fuckin' Bortles and Gus Bradley wouldn't have done that, I'm sure.

2X EDIT: A throw that close to the end zone with that much pressure and the entire defense standing right there is just a true NFL calling blunder.

I hope the whole team chews Carroll and co. out for the entire bus ride home.

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