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Subscribe to this thread Dreamkeepers Point N'Click Adventure Game created by Kymastrider on January 31, 2015

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Kymastrider1/31/15 2:55pm
This was something I thought id open for discussion, I imagine it's not something Dave and Liz would want to pursue anytime in the near future. But What would people think if DK spanned into something of the territory of a point N click adventure game.

That particular genre would be perfect for the storytelling aspect of DK, not to mention I've been playing awhile back a point n click game called a new beginning which is done in the style of an interactive graphic novel so you could still maintain a lot of the fluent art style of the comic.

Not to mention it wouldn't have to follow the main story of the GNS, it could take place before those events and maybe it could be of different characters other then the ones from the GNS.

I imagine it wouldn't be a cheap undertaking either, but it certainly more possible in the age if kickstarter and digital distribution outlets like steam. I don't imagine it would be in Dave and Liz's current interest since there goal right now is the GNS (plus they'd have to outsource the work out like the prelude web-series) but I thought it would make an interesting subject for discussion atleast.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/1/15 5:46pm
Hmm... Doesn't sound like a bad idea. Especially if it's made in vain of the Sierra point and click games :3

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Kobalt952/1/15 11:03pm
The world needs this.


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Kirito2/2/15 3:44am
I would totally play this

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ST34LTH2/2/15 5:31am
Sounds interesting indeed, but in all honesty, I've got to admit it wouldn't be a priority on my buy-list.

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BryanDimmsdale2/2/15 9:05pm
What type of point-and-click game exactly?

1st one?

2nd one?

3rd one?

Or fourth?

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Kymastrider2/3/15 2:26pm

What I mean is like number four

A point N Click adventure game, not the kind of game where there's any combat involved. But where you walk around to talk to people, collect items, and solve puzzles in the environment to progress to the next area.

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MobileCrusader2/9/15 7:01am
I have lots of experience coding, and am confident in my ability to make this game.

What I am not confident in is my ability to make art.

I am more than willing to dedicate some of my (already strained) time to this effort, but I need a few things in return.

First, I won't deal with making any art. Someone else will handle that. I'm fine getting it implemented in the game, but I am not making or commissioning it.

Second, we need open channels of communication for all team members. This is vital to assure that the team stays motivated and the project doesn't fizzle out and end up a waste of time.

Third, we need clear direction. Summaries, uml diagrams, something to track quantifiable progress and to allow us to split tasks easily.

Fourth and finally, we need to discuss rights and revenues before anything else. If we are not in the same page here, someone is going to feel cheated.

I am super interested in this project, and await hearing back from you all.

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ST34LTH2/9/15 2:02pm
Agreed on the the urgent need for the planning. I've attempted game dev a few times and because people weren't on the same page, it died.

I'm up for assisting with the project, but probably can't devote myself to it. As such, I honestly don't want to promise anything.

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BryanDimmsdale2/9/15 10:12pm
Let's start something quite small then. Like, um, a DK Chess game?

Though it should be in html format so that everybody in the forums can play PvP style. Sounds good?

The only problem is the artstyle and actions (Yes, I want them moving like this:

But of course, we'll start with alpha testing; just 2d and artworks only. Troikas = White, Shocktroopers = Black

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ST34LTH2/10/15 11:14pm
Sounds like a very neat idea.

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BryanDimmsdale2/11/15 5:29am
Okay guys, I'm starting to make the Omega testing 0.0.1 for now. It's in C++ format, and it's not that concrete yet. So, if anyone wants to help me, just ask. I think the file is already in Skype.

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WiseOwlReader2/20/15 12:09pm
I'd definitely will play. Let us know when the alpha version can be set up, I'd like to see how it works out.

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LadyTragedy3/4/15 2:24pm
uhm... if you need some help... I've done 2 years of indie game development at the IGAD game academy untill C++ programming kicked my ass and I got kicked off... I'm ok at most other programming languages, admittedly best at HTML, CSS and MySQL, though I can do object oriented programming in flash and some Java and PHP... and I know my way around Vector and 3D art and Level Design. Admittedly I'm a whole lot better at the art part then the programming part.

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BryanDimmsdale3/4/15 4:54pm
Yeah sure of course. We wouldn't mind, in fact it would be better if we had more developers in the team. Right now, I haven't continue the project yet, but I think I've already started making the backbone in C++, but I need it to be an online DK chess game so that anybody can play during free time.

If only I can post it here...
(Although github would be the best solution, haven't make an account there yet)

Speaking of which, we really do need artists/designers for the characters. I was planning to make the chess game as alive as possible by making the characters movable and alive. I think that would be the difficult part, besides the programming.

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