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Dreamkeepers Forums - Official Dreamkeepers Weekly Chat Thread (Now with Streaming!)

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Subscribe to this thread Official Dreamkeepers Weekly Chat Thread (Now with Streaming!) created by Kymastrider on January 29, 2015

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GodofVelcro2/4/15 9:28pm
I haven't been to a chat session in a loooong time, mixture of forgetfulness, time restrictions, and too much damned stuff to do. Lets test my luck tomorrow, shall we?

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crazyhead422/7/15 7:47pm
Can I get some help getting my IRC client connected to the server the first time? It doesn't seem to see the current server as existent, so #dreamkeepers goes somewhere irrelevant.

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DanWithTheHat2/7/15 7:59pm
So did you try to first connect to the server, Try to connect to that first and then look for the channel. It should be there.

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crazyhead422/7/15 8:15pm
I tried. That's the first part that failed.

Oh, never-mind. It just decided to work.

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DanWithTheHat2/7/15 8:19pm
Make sure when copying that url, you aren't leaving a space in front of it or behind it. I just tried it with Chatzilla and I can connect to the server just fine. #dreamkeepers is in the list of channels as well.

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BryanDimmsdale2/8/15 4:56am
Just so that we are clear, here are the timezones for each country/continent you live in, so here I go (and hope I got this right):

Eastern US Time - 9:00pm, Thursday
Pacific US Time - 6:00pm, Thursday
UK London Time - 2:00am, Friday
Hongkong SEA Time - 10:00am, Friday
International Date Line - 12 midnight, Friday

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Kymastrider3/12/15 3:55pm
Mountain US Timezone would be 7:00PM then, since that's my timezone.

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DanWithTheHat3/12/15 7:02pm
Just an update: It is now Daylight savings time in the US so we gained an hour on all the other places that don't do that silly time change. Sorry for anyone who missed the chat today.. :(

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Kymastrider4/9/15 4:05pm
OK what is going on here, I click on the live chat button, and it just takes me to this create your own chat page with a ton of menus n options. Am I doing something wrong?

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DanWithTheHat4/9/15 4:19pm
Nope, it does the same thing for me too. For now use and type your user name and #Dreamkeepers for the channel. We may use the alt chat room tonight if many people can't get on. I will keep you posted.

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Kymastrider4/16/15 3:51pm
So are we going to use the method for last week in this weeks chat since it doesn't look like its back up.

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Auran4/16/15 4:25pm
So how is chat going to work and what time? CST?

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Kirito4/16/15 5:29pm
CST it'll be 8:00 pm for the chats :-)

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Auran4/22/15 8:25pm
The chat tomorrow is at the same site and time?

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DanWithTheHat4/23/15 4:43am
The chat will be at the same time (9:00 PM EST DST) but will be held in the chatwing chat room. I will link it after work if someone doesn't link it before that time.

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