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Subscribe to this thread Ship all the characters! created by Kirito on January 27, 2015

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Kirito5/26/15 6:12pm
Yeah I think it's definitely one of the main five. I'm going to bet that it will become a plot point in either v4 or v5.

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Prometheus5/29/15 11:52am
In my honest opinion, if anyone is the most capable of being homosexual, bisexual or bi-curious, it would be Namah.

Let's look at a few details that we know about her so far.

*She has been locked away her entire childhood, having no interaction with any other kids, let alone boys, around her age except Lilith, who is female like her.

*We don't yet know when Calah finally allowed Namah to be out in public. For all we know, Mace, Whip, and Bast are the only three guys she has actually met and shown any interest in. Her interest in Mace seems to be due to their aligning love of chaos and mayhem. Her initial interest in Whip is rather awkward, since it seems she viewed Whip as nothing but food, which is pretty cannibalistic. She is supremely interested in Bast, though that may have worn off due to being brushed aside in the mountain forest, then trampled on by livestock on the farm.

*Being isolated for so long, she may have formed her preferences around other girls due to life-long interactions with her sister. Haven't been around boys for such a long time, she wouldn't know what they are like, how they act or anything of that nature to form any solid preferences for them. She may have shown great interest in Bast, but that could just be based on her short experience with boys during her short time of being mostly free. More than likely, she'll drop all interest in him once she realizes his heart is set on Lilith.

That's who I think would be a good candidate for the position of orientation variety in the Main Five. XP

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FoxBrethren5/29/15 1:50pm
Good catch with those thought processes, Prometheus. I thought the same way with a couple of games I played, like Fallout 3. If my character was female and Amata seemed to be the only person her age that was actually friendly towards her, it stands to reason that she'd have a crush on that person. When your options are limited you work with what you have.

However while she may be a good candidate based on environment, there is the fact that part of orientation is just something your born with, so she may in fact be completely heterosexual despite her limited options based on her environment.

All in all it really could be anyone, but I like the way you think.

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Kirito5/29/15 7:51pm
That is a very well thought out assumption, I think. I do agree with Zor that part of orientation is something you're born with, so I definetly think that needs to be taken into account. The isolation part could definetly play a role here, but we shall see.

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MrDarkwraith5/29/15 8:12pm
We seem to be forgetting that Namah HAS in fact had contact with men her whole life as well. They were in the form of her door guards, such as Woods, Damon, and Bill.

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Kirito5/29/15 8:13pm
But I think they took on a fatherly role, not a model for future relationships.

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FoxBrethren5/29/15 8:18pm
That is the reason that the qualifier boys "her own age" was a part of the analysis.

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MrDarkwraith5/29/15 8:22pm
Welp, should've read this chat back further shouldn't have I?

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Kirito5/29/15 8:23pm
Haha, don't sweat it. It was a good point I hadn't thought about before, after all.

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NatChon5/30/15 12:20am
To me, Namah is not going to be homosexual. It is more likely to be Lilith than anyone else.

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Digitigraderobo6/7/15 7:48pm
Randy X Wisp

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DanWithTheHat6/8/15 3:59pm
I don't know if it would be more likely that Lilith is homosexual but it would definitely be hilarious to see both Mace and Bast's reaction to it.

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Prometheus6/8/15 6:45pm
It would also explain how oblivious she's been to them competing over her. That could be just her being too focused on the task at hand to care, but you never know.

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Kymastrider6/8/15 7:31pm
I just assumed she was just to engaged in her books and studies to take interest in a relationship or even dating, after all you forget she does take Bast up on his offer for the harvest festival, and she blushes to.

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FoxBrethren6/9/15 2:52am
Funny thing is, Kymastrider, that's probably the page that started Bast on his way to becoming one of my favorites.

Lilith's blush may not have anything to do with thinking Bast is cute (Which he is in that scene) and more with the whole "being asked out at all" thing... She strikes me as the type that would blush with embarrassment and/or shyness at the idea of others being interested in her. However, that she agrees to go probably rules out homosexuality. Even if she's shy or introverted and doesn't like to let others down, I can't see her leading someone on like that. She may or may not still lack confidence in herself by the GNS, but she probably has enough pride to keep her from that bit of folly. Lilith is bi at best I think...

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