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Subscribe to this thread Ship all the characters! created by Kirito on January 27, 2015

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Kirito3/7/15 2:40pm
Judas X Wisp

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JudasScorpioDeMazier3/7/15 2:41pm

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Kymastrider3/7/15 3:33pm
Kirito X Woods

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Kirito3/7/15 3:47pm
interesting ^^ I do love woods <3

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Digitigraderobo3/8/15 6:47am
Tinsel X Nabonidus

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crazyhead423/8/15 9:57am
Guess that kills both my reader ships. Poor Ki, he's in the middle of a shipping triangle!

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Kirito3/8/15 1:45pm
I'm strangely ok with this XD

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DanWithTheHat3/11/15 7:09pm
At least there are multiple Wisps to share. :)

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crazyhead423/11/15 7:13pm
Oh shoot. No one ship Ki and Wisp! He'll never have enough hims!

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Kymastrider3/21/15 10:53am
Evzen X Namah?

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Kobalt955/22/15 9:28pm
Continuing from this thread; at Kirito's request,

I'm thinking that the non-straight character Dave is talking about will be Vi. I just don't think much has been hinted at yet. But out of all the characters so far in the series, I'd bet that its Vi.

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Kirito5/22/15 9:36pm
She definetly has that tom-boy feel to her, doesn't she? Although I don't see her as the romantic type at the moment.

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Digitigraderobo5/23/15 8:11am
Yeah I'm betting it's Vi too, but I agree with Kirito, I don't see her as the romantic type either.

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Kymastrider5/23/15 10:04am
I recon if anyone is gay it could very well be Karo.

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SandwichPie5/26/15 12:10pm
If I had to guess, Lilith may be non-hetro. She has plenty of guys hitting on her, and she does not even consider them. Considering David also stated that "with at least one character it will become a story issue at some point" (, it would be logical to conclude that her sexual orientation would be a story point considering both the male protagonists have the hots for her.
But I think it'd be fun if it was in fact Bast ;P

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