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Subscribe to this thread Ship all the characters! created by Kirito on January 27, 2015

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Digitigraderobo2/23/15 8:24pm
Vi X Bill muh OTP 4life.

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crazyhead422/23/15 8:26pm
I don't know... I don't see myself dating a fasionista. (See Which Dreemkeeper Are You)

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Digitigraderobo2/23/15 8:39pm
Vi's not a fashionista anymore. Unless she still keeps those ambitions deep inside lol.

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crazyhead422/28/15 5:37pm
Kael X Namah. Jeneviv X Lilith. It can start as a double date, but...

Kael: OOOH! DANCE GAME! *starts running towards it*

Namah: *Intercepts with arm* *Puts finger on lips to silence Kael* *Point to air vent*


Scene cuts to Lilith and Jeneviv talking philosophy and the trouble their sisters got them into when they were younger.

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Dawonguy2/28/15 8:43pm
I can still see Mace and Namah plotting public humiliation of Tinsel and/or the Viscount late at night (probably with Vi spectating the design while half-asleep)

Mace: What if instead of bringing the tar and feathers to Tinsel and the Viscount, we bring them to the tar and feathers?
Namah: Like a catapult? Hmm... It would be a bit harder in execution but Tinsel and the Viscount flying into the tar and feathers would make a bigger scene. Vi, what's the biggest spring we have?
Vi: Whatever size you need. The shop could probably make it. So Mace, you're seriously bringing back the shark-apult?
Mace: We have the materials don't we?
Vi: Probably, so are you going to rig the chair, or the floor below it?
Namah: There would be extra weight for the spring, but rigging a floor panel from below would probably be less noticeable.
Mace: If the event could held outside, we could probably have someone dig under where the 2 will be sitting and set up the device.
Namah: And the tar and feathers could be set in position by someone dressed as a trooper.
Vi: Sounds like a plan, but you know what could work better? Going to sleep. Spirits, it's 2 in the morning.

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crazyhead422/28/15 9:09pm

... although...

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Digitigraderobo2/28/15 9:54pm
Dawon's post reminded me, it would make me happy to see Troika Vi meet up with Mace again after all this time :D. (This is NOT a pairing)

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crazyhead422/28/15 9:57pm
I hope not, considering Mace's taste in bras!

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Kymastrider3/5/15 7:44pm
Vanth X Wisp

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crazyhead423/5/15 11:03pm
Okay, that's too much of a coincidence. Did you steal that one from my ending theory that Wisp would fly directly above and below Vanth to help her fly?

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JudasScorpioDeMazier3/6/15 1:25pm
Ehh, Vanth and Wisp would be more disastrous.

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crazyhead423/6/15 1:33pm
Only where the law is involved.

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Kirito3/7/15 11:29am
Anyone + wisp would be disastrous XD

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Kymastrider3/7/15 1:03pm
I didn't see your ending theory but I felt Vanth X Wisp would be a funny awkward shipping.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier3/7/15 2:21pm
Kirito X Wisp

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