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Dreamkeepers Forums - A Dane's authorship begins

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Subscribe to this thread A Dane's authorship begins created by ST34LTH on January 25, 2015

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ST34LTH3/22/15 5:26am

Any input?

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Kirito3/22/15 6:45pm
kinda confused on exactly what the rreaction is and does, but confining something is never good! So I say no to the eyes for right now. As for colour, I think icy blue would be really awesome. : )

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ST34LTH3/23/15 5:30am
The reactions in questions are basically like when an engine begins to give off light as it becomes hot enough, simply because some of the converted energy is radiated in undesired forms, on top of the desired forms, essentially becoming a waste/bi-product. Here the luminescence reaction is also just excess energy escaping the user, causing unavoidable 'visual artifacts', if you will. They do nothing, other than add some pseudo-realism to the story, as well as giving some clues for the reader about what is happening.

If you believe confining it to merely being the eyes that go luminescent is a bad idea, what would you suggest is added on top it?

Icy Blue could definitely work; it is basically the Celeste I mentioned anyway.

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ST34LTH5/2/15 8:10pm
The first few parts of the first story is already at a likely final draft phase. It turns out that I'm horrible at short-stories and that these stories all are going to be of considerable length. I might end up chopping them into parts and post them seperately; for adding both suspense and shortening the time it takes to finish something for potential readers.

Things have been busy lately and I'm hoping to pick up the pace in the following month(s).

I thank all those who've helped so far and those who've pledged to, but for whatever reason been unable. I'd however also like to encourage anyone else out there, who'd be both interested and up to the challenge, to either reply here or PM me, so we can talk about the possibility of helping the story (or the general setting) along.

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Kirito5/2/15 11:13pm
That's awesome Stealth! Just shoot me a PM here or on skype andI'd be more than happy to help! :-)

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ST34LTH9/3/16 4:34pm
It's been a while since I've updated this (and since I've even posted anything on this forum), and I want to apologize both to the people who might want to see my story(ies) finished and anyone who has (or wanted to) helped.

I've had a bit of a hard time dealing with the news of a diagnose I got a while back and the consequences of it; that I keep noticing and feeling hard. I'm a little uncertain if I've already written about it elsewhere on the forum (if I did, I'm sorry for repeating myself), but I know I mentioned it to a few of you on the old Skype. In short, I'm suffering from a variation of schizophrenia (dominated by what psychologists call 'negative' symptoms) and as such, my productivity, motivation and general level of human functionality is at an all time low; which will likely last until they find the proper medication for it and/or I learn to better deal with it.

While productivity certainly is low, I've neither given up on writing or stopped working on the aforementioned stories. In fact, I have a possible end in sight for the first of my steampunk sagas, I've laid a lot of the groundwork for a sci-fi novel, and I'm starting to get a little more used to the drawbacks of my diagnose and can therefore start focusing more on writing again. Now all I need is to hopefully avoid slumping back into down periods and get back to doing what I love and then I might hopefully supply you with some more entertainment.

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Prometheus9/3/16 8:20pm
Ouch. I'm really sorry to hear about that, Stealth. I know I would go insane if I had a condition like that that prevented me from finishing my stories. I have a hard enough time with that by myself.

It's good that you're bouncing back, though. I wish you luck in your project and can't wait to check it out. ^^

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ZycantAlpha9/11/16 9:28pm
Well, on the plus side it looks like you're at least finding a way to cope (though I would recommend that you don't worry about productivity too much - there are more ways to define success, so don't get too down on fulfilling one slower than you'd like). I think we're all excited to see what you come up with, when you come up with it!

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ST34LTH9/15/16 4:43pm
Thanks, it means a lot.

I myself am not 'too' bothered by the amount of time it'll take to finish a project, having submitted to the idea that it will be far more likely that my first novel (maybe lesser stories too) will take closer to a decade, than a year or two, to finish.

I'm however a bit bothered by knowing I promised a faster release of some of the smaller stories to a lot of people and I realize I've let them down big-time, since a few years has passed since the first promises and I still have nothing to show for the time :/

Time will tell whether the quality will have been well worth the wait, but here is hoping ;)

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ST34LTH9/25/16 4:11pm
I've recently been discussing a design element of the steampunk story with a number of my closer friends, but I wanted your input on it as well.

I've been wanting to name several important figures and creatures using quite symbolic names, but I've arrived at a bit of a problem with it. I can't decide whether to entirely make up the steampunk world and its past, or have it refer to earth names (and running with the explanation that both worlds are quite similar in virtually all regards).

When naming things for a symbolic meaning, that symbolism can be hard to follow if it's entirely made up of course, but if it has strong symbolic meaning (from earth history or myth) already, it's up to whether or not a reader would know the real meaning of that symbolism.

As an example, I have a character that is known as 'The Fire Aethereal' when referring to 'what' he is, but the name/identity given to him would be a reference to an old legend/myth of some type of fire spirit. So for an earth-like name, I'd go with something like 'Ifrit', so as to instantly give something for the reader to get an idea about what he is and/or how powerful he might be.

As another example - and perhaps a better example, for its more problematic nature - there are a kind of 'creature' that acts as the lone, deep infiltration agents of a very sinister adversary and indeed, the true evil of the story. I want to name them 'Liliths', but here we have a real problem. Most people are entirely unaware of what the name Lilith comes from and would consider it a harmless or even good/cute name, but it in fact has its roots in some very old jewish stories, where she is often referred to as a mother of demons and worse. The name literally means 'Night Monster' or 'Night Hag'. These are the basis of where I draw my conclusion of its symbolic meaning (just to make sure, I don't think our Lilith of DK is poorly named, but perhaps a little confusingly when one knows the origin :3), and I'm expecting that most will be surprised with this information (since most others seem to be) and I therefore think that the symbolic meaning is lost, if I decide to name them 'Liliths'.

Anyways, despite it being long past making a long story short, I could entirely avoid confusion and misinformation if I decide to make up pretty much everything, but what would appeal most to you lot, as potential readers? Original mythology (& symbolism) or earth derivative equivalents?

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ST34LTH10/7/16 2:56am
Thanks to the people on Discord who gave their input on this. I've reached the decision to use a compromise of Earth-based myth names, where I will try to refrain from using 'misunderstood' names so as to avoid confusion, but still get strong symbolic and relatable names.

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ST34LTH12/8/16 8:54am
While I'm still not done writing the first story, it's progressing nicely as of late; 8 A4 pages written just the last two weeks and added an appendix to explain foreign words used in the story. It's currently at 11,2k words and unless I lose the drive to write again, then it looks like I might indeed be able to produce a finished work sooner than I first expected/feared.

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