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Dreamkeepers Forums - You all talk too damn much. >:C

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Subscribe to this thread You all talk too damn much. >:C created by JudasScorpioDeMazier on January 18, 2015

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JudasScorpioDeMazier1/18/15 11:24am

Look what you have to put me through, especially when the mark all posts read button doesn't work!

You should allllllll be ashamed of yourselves. :P

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Kirito1/18/15 11:25am
Jesus XD Sorry about that....

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Aman37121/18/15 11:27am
I am ashamed of NOTHING >:D

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JudasScorpioDeMazier1/18/15 11:27am
Lol, that's just the characters section... one out of 10 sections on here minus the roleplay thing.

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Kirito1/18/15 11:28am
=P I guess I'm on here too much... I can't relate.

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DanWithTheHat1/18/15 11:28am
We like talking about fictional peeps, don't judge! XD

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JudasScorpioDeMazier1/18/15 11:30am
I will judge so hard on you all. Like Not even Judge Judy in Pheonix Wright can handle me right now.

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Kirito1/18/15 11:31am
Objection! Judging will overload the system and we'll need.... MOAR POWAHH

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Aman37121/18/15 11:32am

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JudasScorpioDeMazier1/18/15 11:36am
No, you'll summon someone.

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Prometheus1/18/15 11:37am
XD This place has really gotten hectic in recent weeks. I'm finding it difficult to keep up myself.

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Kirito1/18/15 11:38am
Like Dave aka Santa Christ?

and yes I'm really enjoying the activity.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier1/18/15 11:40am
I should put my life on halt JUST to post more on here. :P

Also should I mention I've never seen 11 people online here at the same time before.

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Kirito1/18/15 11:42am
I already spend a ton of time on here. I'm nearing 2K Posts XD

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DanWithTheHat1/18/15 11:46am
I'm approaching 1K at a decent pace...

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