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Subscribe to this thread Ideologies created by ST34LTH on January 13, 2015

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MobileCrusader2/9/15 8:47am
@crazy's post nearest top.

I agree with a lot of the points you are making.

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TFeathersB2/9/15 12:36pm
It's sad to see this thread go into exactly what I said it shouldn't happen right after I said it :P

Anyway, I also agree with Crazyhead's ideas at the top of the last page. Books are fantastic and not a single one should be harmed, no matter how much you disagree with it.

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ST34LTH2/9/15 2:11pm
If more people just believed that, then we might still have had the tons upon tons of info from the days of the Library of Alexandria. Damn, I really wouldn't mind getting lost in that place; I can't even imagine the amount of knowledge that was lost when it burned down.

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TFeathersB2/9/15 2:52pm
It's the same with Baghdad's House of Wisdom when it was destroyed by Genghis Khan's grandson. It's said that the Tigris River turned black with ink from all the books that were thrown into it...

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Asora2/9/15 3:49pm
Except the Twilight Saga, cause we all know how much that horrible piece of abomination that series is, including the Fifty Shades of Grey books also.

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MobileCrusader2/9/15 5:09pm
I realize after reading this thread that My ideology is prolly one of the more removed from the norm here.

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Shadowcat2/10/15 9:16pm
Oh boy bout to get mugged for this:

Progressivism 55
Socialism 31.25
Tenderness 21.875

Your test scores indicate that you are a tough-minded cultural centrist; this is the political profile one might associate with a nihilist. It appears that you are skeptical towards religion, and have an indifferent and uncompassionate attitude towards humanity in general.

Your attitudes towards economics appear capitalist, and combined with your social attitudes this creates the picture of someone who would generally be described as a libertarian.

To round out the picture you appear to be, political preference aside, a sensible principled egalitarian with an established worldview.

Uncaring towards Humanity? That's not true im clearly very pro humanity just as long as you fall within my world view, yeah ok I'm not very pro humanity.

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crazyhead422/10/15 9:21pm
Meh, it happens. Hey, did Asora ever report anything?

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FoxPhantom2/10/15 10:34pm
Edit: dang, I never realized that it would be that out of norm mobile.

Also, I am surprised, never have I heard of such libraries.

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ST34LTH2/10/15 10:41pm
@MobileCrusader - Lol, yeah. We appear to take up the 2 far flanks here XD

Of course not entirely, but it was interesting to see that the two of us seem to have almost completely mirrored ideas, apart from socialism scores.

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crazyhead422/10/15 10:54pm
*mumbles*probably because your people burned up all the references to said libraries *ends mumble*
Wait, you heard that? Umm...


*runs out of room so as not to be caught making inappropriate comment*


But seriously, the burning of these kinds of libraries destroys people's ability to collect information, reflect on previous compilations of knowledge, and essentially robs the people of their will to think and grow. At least when a book wears away from use, the book wears away because people absorbed the information in it, allowing at least some of the relevant information to escape into other works and digested again.

The library of Alexandria and others ... who knows where we would be if we payed them proper respects. Maybe we would never have opened the books, or maybe some historians would have transcribed them, page by page, translating where necessary and essentially adding to our current pool of knowledge. We could have advanced to farther than we are now, especially if one of them contained something that helped us develop the internet. Even if it hadn't, though, these books could have gone on the internet now and been reflected on by hundreds of historians, digested, and re-released into the populace.

People can learn a lot from books, even ones based purely in fiction. In fact, a lot of who and what I am today likely came from the fictitious shows, comics, and books I was exposed to as a child. I know being a hero hurts from watching superhero based cartoons, and I was exposed to science via the Magic School Bus. I even had a children's Vote! book! And these works were written and drawn by people who read this stuff on the adult level, and who had their bit to say.

Sorry, I have strong beliefs when it comes to books, literature, expression, and censorship.

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ST34LTH2/11/15 7:58am
No need for apologies. :)

And on another note, I agree with above statements.

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BryanDimmsdale2/17/15 2:22am
@Stealth: Can I add another ideology tests here to be able to see the differences between them. Because in my perspective, it is not that accurate if you are going to use one test to determine the whole.

The topic of ideology, imo, is vague and very large, and one test cannot cover it all.

@Crazyhead: I agree with you, and to tell you the truth, history is one of my most favorite subjects of all time, even if it bores me to death (no intended sarcasm).

Also, I like how many controversies they have. Though sometimes, only the chosen events are put inside books; what you pick can change the view itself.

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crazyhead422/17/15 8:39am
Indeed. But one of the nice things about books is that one book is NOT all. If I want to hear about an event not in my textbook, I can usually find something written around the time-frame or just after it (assuming it's relatively recent) that covers the topic, or look at books by historians who have taken interest in the subject and are doing/have done the initial research.

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ST34LTH2/17/15 3:39pm
@BryanDimmsdale - Sure, I don't see why not. And I agree with the lack of precision using a single test, altough I doubt even all the world's tests combined would give an accurate picture of an indivual; humans are simply too complex ;P

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