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Subscribe to this thread Ideologies created by ST34LTH on January 13, 2015

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DanWithTheHat2/7/15 8:48pm
From the dictionary:

"a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God."

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crazyhead422/7/15 8:52pm
Huh. Must be nice to have so much faith in the ability to say "I don't know or believe either way".

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Corvus2/8/15 10:00am
Can we please just step back and not discuss religion? From personal experience I can say that this rarely turns out well.

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Asora2/8/15 10:08am

So.........does this mean that you neither belief nor disbelief the existence of God?

Besides that, HOLY F**KIN S**T! CORVUS! YOUR BACK! YAH! :D

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crazyhead422/8/15 10:25am
@corvus, isn't this thread titled Ideologies? I thought that meant it was a separate, safer place to discuss religion, with moderators to make sure this turns out well.
@Asora, What's wrong with Corvus's back?

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Kirito2/8/15 11:17am
yep I'm swimming in the matrix between faith and atheism

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DanWithTheHat2/8/15 11:54am
The original purpose of this thread was to discuss world views in context this Social Attitude Test. Here is St34lth's original post:

"I was wondering if people wanted to discuss their world views and stuff, although I have to say that I'm also a little unsure if it's a good idea, since, well... Politics and Religion are the two things one does not discuss on the internet and expect to escape unscathed ;3

I found an interesting test that will help people put it in a few somewhat short, but accurate sentences, but will probably wait adding the link, until we reach an accord on being sensible and friendly or not doing it at all.


The test that was formerly mentioned is now included in this first post, to ensure that all can find it easily.

It is called the Social Attitude Test and can be found here: "

I would avoid getting into religious debates here. Its just a bad path that rarely ends well on the internets.

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Asora2/8/15 11:56am
Okay, we stop...........NOW!

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/8/15 12:02pm
I feel like this thread is very easy to get yourself into an argument.

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Asora2/8/15 12:03pm

GENIUS! (not being sarcastic)

*throws cookie at Judas*

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crazyhead422/8/15 12:04pm
Umm... what exactly is number 9 asking? "right to find out if they are sexually suited"? Isn't that just something that happens during dates?

@Asora, we are talking sensitive material. Do you think you could please tone it down a bit?

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Asora2/8/15 12:05pm
Can you post the full question ma'dam?

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crazyhead422/8/15 12:05pm
Sure. "Men and women have the right to find out whether they are sexually suited before marriage."

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Asora2/8/15 12:06pm

*throws the truth - keeps waving arms*


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crazyhead422/8/15 12:07pm
??? this is supposed to reflect MY decisions. I'd appreciate it if someone could just explain the question to me. Hopefully someone other than Asora.

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