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Dreamkeepers Forums - Thoughts and Concerns on David Lillie Planning on Switching to Amazon for Book Orders.

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Subscribe to this thread Thoughts and Concerns on David Lillie Planning on Switching to Amazon for Book Orders. created by Asora on January 9, 2015

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ezioauditore971/24/15 4:32pm
Personally I think it's a great idea to help hopefully expand Dreamkeepers universal appeal to a somewhat more mainstream audience and help incentivize nabbing the books during a kickstarter or at a convention if one should want a doodled copy.

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DanWithTheHat1/24/15 7:58pm
Actually, when they do get on amazon, leaving good, well written reviews would help in getting people to check it out.

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FoxPhantom1/25/15 11:57am

Though if I am not mistaken, doesn't one bad review or so make it bad? (I don't remember if that's the policy or what since my dad has used it for selling, and one bad review froze his account. Then again that was electronic software not books, and the other problem is that I might not have enough info.)

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ezioauditore971/25/15 1:27pm
So long as the majority of the reviews are positive I think people can tell when some other reviewers are sourpusses.

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ezioauditore971/25/15 2:25pm
While we're on the subject the more eloquent and thoughtful we can get a few of these reviews advocating why people should read these wonderful books the better.Any miser could simply state "LOL,THIS BOOK SUCKS 10101" ,but on the other hand simply stating that they're good has a smaller effect than a truly passionate review.

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DanWithTheHat1/27/15 11:47am
Yeah, One bad review won't kill you. But if people really have issue with your product and they bring up to Amazon customer support, it can freeze your account until the matter is looked into or dealt with. Based on what Dave was saying though, he won't be selling on Amazon but they will be selling for him using one of the few printing services that run through it. That way, he avoids packing and shipping books himself. In that case, product/shipping complaints go to the printing company and not the author directly.

Also, Ezio brings up a good point. The reviews have a rating system so the more helpful ones usually rise above the quick one liner reviews good or bad.

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ezioauditore971/27/15 6:51pm
Excellent points there Dan!

While we're talking about reviews the Volume 3 amazon page only has 3 reviews at the time of this writing so let's try and improve that when we all have some time.

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MobileCrusader1/27/15 9:05pm
is there a link to the books already?

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Corvus1/28/15 6:49pm
I will note that the current Amazon listings are only resellers as far as I can tell.

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ezioauditore971/28/15 7:14pm

They are already selling the third book via Amazon at the time of this posting.

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DanWithTheHat1/29/15 7:58pm
Oh wow, that was fast. I need to start writing up a thoughtful review...

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TFeathersB2/2/15 1:52pm
Does anyone know if will order in the UK? It isn't listed on Amazon's UK site.

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DanWithTheHat2/2/15 3:38pm
Good question. I believe you could still order from the Amazon US site but you have to pay for the shipping from the US as it is only stocked with US warehouses. I've ordered from the UK site before with no issues just amazon prime wasn't applicable.

Also, Amazon has more details about ordering internationally here:

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DanWithTheHat2/2/15 3:52pm
I moved this thread over to General as it is more of a discussion and not an event.
See Log entry here:

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Asora2/2/15 3:55pm
Wait, but, couldn't it be counted as both an event and an discussion since Dave announced that he will soon switch over to Amazon, and that we fans are discussing it?



Mod Edit: The event page is for contests, kickstarters, and things like that. Selling a book on Amazon that has already been released isn't an event. PM if you want to discuss.

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