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Dreamkeepers Forums - Thoughts and Concerns on David Lillie Planning on Switching to Amazon for Book Orders.

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Subscribe to this thread Thoughts and Concerns on David Lillie Planning on Switching to Amazon for Book Orders. created by Asora on January 9, 2015

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Asora1/11/15 5:22pm
Yeah, good thing I actually putted that warning after the li-

*views link in previous post*


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PotatoFox1/11/15 5:23pm
What? You really think that I wouldn't be watching?

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Asora1/11/15 5:26pm

HEY POTATOFOX! What's happen my brotha? really did catch up to me pretty quick! Nice job!


*awkward silence - runs to the truck*

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Kirito1/11/15 5:27pm
he is all knowing.

he sees all

he's pretty much santa minus the gifts.

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Asora1/11/15 5:30pm
*takes out walkie-talkie - calls in evac helicopter*

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Havoc1/11/15 5:37pm
You will fear the might of PotatoFox hallelujah!

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Asora1/11/15 5:39pm
*gets in helicopter - flies off*

Got to think of something, FAST! Wait, what about the........


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DanWithTheHat1/11/15 7:56pm
This topic actually had some good information on both kickstarter and the amazon book sale process. If there is nothing more to say about a topic just stop posting in it until you have something to add or a question to bring up. No need to turn every completed thread into a spam fest.

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Asora1/12/15 7:27am
Oh, well, that seems reasonable. I would like to thank those who answered my questions in this thread. This thread might also help those who are new to future DK ordering, Amazon, Microsystems, and other stuff.

I would also like to apologize for the meme that I posted. It was "rude" for me to post that meme (due to my lack of self-logic at times) as a response for Dan's answer to my question, because when I first saw his answer, I was confused. Now, when I look back at it........holy carp what was I thinking?

Again, sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for the help.



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Asora1/21/15 7:02pm

Men, the problem has been resolved. All this time, it was actually a misunderstanding to the actual meaning of the phrase in the meme. I actually thought that when it said "dense" in the phrase, it ment that the other person was acting COMPLICATED to what they are saying. At first, I thought it was saying "YOU COMPICATED MOTHERF**KER!".

But it turns out, the actual meaning to the phrase was "YOU IDIOT MOTHERF**KER!"

So.....yeah.....hehe.......sorry about the misunderstanding. Hope it's all good now. Everyone may go back to their original routines.


*runs towards the hills*

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FoxPhantom1/21/15 11:36pm
I think Amazon isn't a bad idea actually.
That might help him with getting his books being sold. :D

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JudasScorpioDeMazier1/23/15 8:21pm
I thought there was no more posting on this thread...

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DanWithTheHat1/24/15 11:58am
I have no problem with people posting here as long as its on topic. For example, digitally shooting people with stuff is not good....

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Asora1/24/15 1:17pm

But that's the only way I can show my disapproval through the internet..........

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Kirito1/24/15 1:20pm
no, you can use words -_- it makes you look more professional.

Anyway, my last words on this subject:

Whatever brings in more money for Dave and continues the DK saga I'm for.

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