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Dreamkeepers Forums - Thoughts and Concerns on David Lillie Planning on Switching to Amazon for Book Orders.

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Subscribe to this thread Thoughts and Concerns on David Lillie Planning on Switching to Amazon for Book Orders. created by Asora on January 9, 2015

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Kirito1/11/15 1:44pm
Dan answered it -_-

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Asora1/11/15 2:04pm
*goes ballistic due to unclear answer*

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DanWithTheHat1/11/15 2:36pm
While I know some stuff from what Dave says in chats, etc, I can't read his mind on what he is going to do beyond that (Us mods don't get inside info or anything :P). If you want to know, send him an email or ask him in one of the chats if he is thinking about selling signed editions of old books in the kickstarter.

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Asora1/11/15 2:57pm


DWTH edit: Not cool man... I answered all of your questions way beyond what I really should have.... As I said before, ask Dave what he is going to do with his kickstarter if you need the answer this far out.

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Kirito1/11/15 2:59pm
[self edit: Problem solved, my work in this post is done. @Asora please refrain from vulgarity in the future, it doesn't help anyone]

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Asora1/11/15 4:25pm
Okay, wait. At first I thought the meme would be a silly joke, because all I really wanted to know for my final question was a straight forward answer of the signed GNS books that are given out as rewards are chosen specifically for the donator's choosing, or are just randomized.

But now I realize that that might've gotten a bit too far.......yeah........bad I feel guilt. THANKS YOU GUYS FOR GIVING ME THIS FEELING AND BEING SO BOTHERED BY THIS MEME! THANK YOU!

*sees PotatoFox with nailed baseball bat at the front door*

Oh heavens no.........

*runs to the hills*

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Kirito1/11/15 4:38pm
Dude, calling someone a dense motherf** is in no way shape or form a funny joke. It's just rude.

I think it's specified. It was with the kickstarter I believe.

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Asora1/11/15 4:45pm
Okay, fine! It was a joke used in a horrible way.........and when I mean horrible way, I mean that it can be used in other circumstances, and it would turn out to be funny. But in this case, it did not.

It went bad........horribly, horribly, HORRIBLY bad. I'm sorry. It wasn't my intention to do this in the first place.

*sees PotatoFox running down hill*

Oh f**k.

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Kirito1/11/15 4:48pm
See what you did? You made me change my profile picture. This is on youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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Asora1/11/15 4:50pm

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Kirito1/11/15 4:51pm
shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you made me break out my disappointed evzen picture.

anyway I think you should place that meme in the inappropriate vault.

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Kymastrider1/11/15 4:53pm

I didn't want to say this but you really are pushing your luck. Half the time I suspect that the reason your spitting so much profanity in the forums is for attention.

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Kirito1/11/15 4:57pm
ok let's not have this diffuse into a roast and argument. It was a dumb and inappropriate thing to do, please don't do it in the future Asora, honestly.

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Asora1/11/15 5:02pm


(Don't take it seriously though. It's a joke.)


Forward bro, just, forward.

*feels disappointment and guilt*

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Kirito1/11/15 5:08pm
That's better. I was about to facepalm so hard.

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