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Dreamkeepers Forums - Thoughts and Concerns on David Lillie Planning on Switching to Amazon for Book Orders.

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Subscribe to this thread Thoughts and Concerns on David Lillie Planning on Switching to Amazon for Book Orders. created by Asora on January 9, 2015

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ST34LTH1/11/15 12:35pm
College+ to be fair. Most systems, including Amazon, recognizes anyone with 'chosen' education as being a student, which means college-, business school-, university-, etc -students.

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Asora1/11/15 12:39pm
@Kirito and ST34LTH

Oh, okay, that's seems simple enough.

Also, what about the signed book copies during kickstarters? How would you get them?

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Kirito1/11/15 12:41pm
You donate to the kickstarter and get your reward

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Asora1/11/15 12:44pm
1.) Donating to the kickstarter by either traditional mail (with the money in the envelope) or credit/debit card through online?

2.) Reward being the signed DK book copy's, correct?

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DanWithTheHat1/11/15 12:46pm
Kickstarter uses Amazon's payment system actually so you will need an amazon account and a credit/debit card for that as well. It does not accept paypal. For the last kickstarter I believe Dave also took by mail donations unofficially as well but that was after he met the kickstarter goal.

The reward also changes based on level (aka money you give). See the prelude one here:

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Asora1/11/15 12:53pm
So, the reward is accomplished based on how much money is reached toward each goal, or, how much money people donate? It seems a bit complicated.

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DanWithTheHat1/11/15 1:07pm
Here is how kickstarter works:

1) The creator has a project and he sets a goal for how much money he/she needs. in Dave's case it will be the amount of money to successfully print the number of books he wants.

2) people donate any amount they want to the project (called a pledge). When the the project hits the goal, the project is funded and the creator gets all the money that is raised in the timeframe (typically a month to two months) If the goal is not met, the creator gets no money for the project and the people get their pledges back like the project never happened.

3) To add incentive to give more money, the creator sets up donation tiers. On the prelude link above, you can see that on the right side. There should be different money levels and a description of what you get at each reward level. So for the prelude kickstarter Dave had a $5 dollar tier where you got buttons and stickers, all the way up to a $5,000 dollar tier, where a donator could get a custom cover, tons of original comic art, and everything in the lower tiers. You had to donate a minimum of $35 to get a soft cover prelude book or $45 for a signed copy. It goes up from there with more options and more DK swag.

4) One more thing I almost forgot. Typically there are stretch goals over the base donation goal. As a project gets more money over the initial goal, creators can add more stuff to the project. I know Dave wants to add a stretch goal to reprint or make stuff that was destroyed in that fire in the Vol 4 one like buttons, the epic poster and even possibly more prelude books.

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Asora1/11/15 1:17pm

When I grow up, live my dream, and get enough money, I want to donate as much money as possible to Dave and Liz, so that the money can support them, and that I can enjoy being awesome...........while enjoying the kick-starter rewards as well. :D

So, anyways, I can just donate during Dave's kick-starters just by paying through Amazon (credit/debit) or by traditional mailing?

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Kirito1/11/15 1:18pm
The mailing wasn't official. You'd have to it through amazon.

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Asora1/11/15 1:23pm
AL-RIGHTY THEN! One more thing.........

If you decide to donate during one of David's kick-starters, and get a signed GNS book as a reward for the amount you've given for you donation, WHICH GNS BOOK will you get? Will it be one of your choosing, or, will it be random?

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DanWithTheHat1/11/15 1:24pm
Now Dave was giving awards to the people that mailed him money based on the amount. I believe Ezio did that in the prelude one.

As for the book, I will bet the cheapest choice of book will be a signed vol 4 book. Maybe there will be other tiers with the earlier books signed as well? Who knows...

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Asora1/11/15 1:25pm

So either way for donating is okay then?

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DanWithTheHat1/11/15 1:27pm
To Dave, I don't believe he would mind as long as the project base goal is met. Money is money. I have no doubt that goal will get surpassed fairly quick though.

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Kirito1/11/15 1:30pm
Money is Money indeed.

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Asora1/11/15 1:42pm

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