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Dreamkeepers Forums - Thoughts and Concerns on David Lillie Planning on Switching to Amazon for Book Orders.

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Subscribe to this thread Thoughts and Concerns on David Lillie Planning on Switching to Amazon for Book Orders. created by Asora on January 9, 2015

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Asora1/9/15 8:08pm

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'll start by saying this; I'll try to keep this short and explain more if other users comment.

So, Dave Lillie is planning on switching to Amazon for book orders, but I am somewhat skeptical of this.

Reason being that Dave tries really hard, spending a lot of time on the books and sending stuff through the post office, updating status's, attending events and replying to emails and other news. Because of this, he plans to switch book distribution to Amazon in the hope of saving time to allow more effort to go into creating the amazing content we all love so much.

This means, unfortunately, there will be an end to signed copies of the GNS, at least through orders anyway. There may be a few left in stock but these will probably go pretty quickly. It will probably only be possible to get copies signed at conventions or through kickstarter events.

Here is the link to the Vivid Publishing blog, with more information:
The Death of John Hancock;

I bring this up because I am very skeptical and uncomfortable about ordering online as there is a lot of stuff you need to know and be careful about to order effectively through the internet.

Examples are:

1.) The need to create an account on the site you are ordering from

2.) Being unfamiliar with the way products are ordered

3.) The plethora of payment options are confusing

4.) The possibility of making a mistake in ordering the items desired

5.) Fearing of getting ripped off or getting scammed.

6.) Getting hacked though your bank account.

This may seem like I am overreacting, but this stuff does happen to people. Obviously not all the time, however.

I don't like this change of distribution because I worry that something bad might happen. I am far more comfortable with the post office handling this.

I will try to summarize this in short, but I really do not like the idea of ordering online.

Now, about the sharpie doodle novels;

Dave, I respect you and the work you are doing, but why do you need to end the sharpie doodle novels as well?

To my understanding, the signed copies are actually worth a lot more. They sell for a lot more as well. Do you actually need to stop signing books to sell them through Amazon?
Some people might think "Wow, 25 dollars for a signed version?! But the normal one is 19! That's 6 dollars for a bit of ink!" But I disagree with that sentiment and here's why:

1.) Dave and Liz need the money in order to produce more copies of the books and to support themselves.

2.) It takes a bit of carefulness for signing a volume book for a costumer.

3.) The price is the near equivalent of a used or old video game.

4.) They are valued more due to the creator's signature hand-writing (like most stuff signed by famous people).

5.) It's Dave's signature hand-writing, so what do you expect? For the price to be like a dollar more?

That's all my concerns for now. I'll offer more of my thoughts once people start commenting about this. I may have sounded overly concerned. I fear I might make mistakes with ordering through websites so I am startled by this transition.


Real Me: -_-

Thank you Potato Fox. You earn one cookie.

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ST34LTH1/10/15 2:29am
I personally find the shift to Amazon a great idea. I can sorta' understand the fear of change, but I think your fears for this one are unfounded. Amazon is one of the best of online transaction system. If you have logic on your side or are otherwise willing to read a little, then there's little to nothing to familiarize yourself with on Amazon. Creating an account is simple, both on it and paypal, and paypal is probably the simplest paying service to boot, as well as likely being the safest and most widely used (worldwide that is).

In essence, to do the transition follow these simple steps:

-Take a deep breath
-Make a Paypal account (if you prefer other payment-methods or already have one, skip this step)
-Make an Amazon account (if you already have one, skip this step)
-Find the product
-Buy it
-Wait for it to be delivered

In all the time I've used them, I've never had any hazzle with Amazon or Paypal and Amazon has an awesome customer service and sales division too, so if you do have a problem, just have a calm chat with them, and your problems will be gone by the time you hang up.

In terms of the fear of losing your money online, let me just say that it is ages since I've even heard of a sane, logical person losing their money online. Make sure to read what a page has to say, and perhaps ask a trusted friend or expert in regard to a site's trustworthiness and you will never, I repeat, never! lose your money on the internet. It is not as dangerous as most people believe.

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Kirito1/10/15 7:09am
I personally will continue to order the online version.

Amazon is one of the best online transaction sites the internet has to offer. I've never had any problems with Amazon, and in the case you don't receive something, if you show proof of a receipt, they send you another.

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Asora1/10/15 8:45am

I think the rant/upset/concerned me went a little too far on that one...........note to self, try to posted stuff like this later when there is time.


Okay, I think I DEFINITELY freaked out a tad bit too much due to David's announcement on that one. It was just that I was so worried that I would need to pay the DK GNS books from now on through Amazon, which being, I am not familiar with online ordering.

Yeah, hehe................

But besides that, what about the signed sharpie-doodle books? I mean, like I mentioned before, they are basically just the GNS books signed and doodled by David himself, which are worth more and give more profit to him and Liz to support their projects and themselves.

Doesn't that seem a should I put it.........odd? I mean, think about it! Limiting the chances of getting a signed GNS book copy for the fans is like taking out the chances of getting high quality collectables through online and traditional mail, and forcing people to go to special events in order to get them.

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Kymastrider1/10/15 9:13am
I use amazon and eBay all the time to buy stuff that otherwise wouldn't be available in my area (and a lot of the times is much cheaper then buying it from the store) that's just part of life.

Also I already got my signed doodled copy's of the first three volumes a few months back so I'm not to worried. Still holding out on news to when I can preorder volume 4.

I just hope that now that he's making the switch to amazon that it means we may one day see the prelude collection come back instock. I didn't get a chance to order it when it was first printed.

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Asora1/10/15 9:25am
Yeah, I didn't either as well. I hope David puts back the Prelude collection back in stock as soon as possible.

But another thing, like I mentioned before, I am not all that familiar with ordering stuff through the internet, because I am completely used to using my local post office. Another thing is that I don't now how to pay using Paypal, Amazon, or any-other. Can anyone explain to me how to use it?

Also, I have about $47.00 in cash so, I might possibly get a signed sharpie-doodled V1 and V2 soon through traditional mail. Other wise, if I am too late, I might as well wait till I get the right opportunity to go to a convention where Dave and Liz are going to, I pay for the signed books in person.


Still don't know why Dave would do that though. I mean, sure, I kind've see why Dave would switch to Amazon, but I still don't understand about decommissioning the signed copies through both online and traditional mail. Don't they bring more profit for Dave and Liz?

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Kirito1/10/15 9:45am
See the thing is it takes way more time to mail them to each individual who orders them, not to mention the time it takes to doodle in them. It takes away time from making v4 and other important things.

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Asora1/10/15 9:54am
But, wouldn't it take like about a minute or two for Dave to sign and doodle the copies, due to his current experience?

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ST34LTH1/10/15 10:07am
Depends on the doodle, and there's still the effort and the fact that the shipping in itself can cause problems.

Plus, experience doesn't matter, unless you're doing the exact same doodle over and over.

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Asora1/10/15 10:20am
*thinks about it*


Besides that, I noticed that my thread post was rewritten without my notification as soon as possible.


Seems legit.

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PotatoFox1/10/15 10:24am
The use of so many explicit words warrants a rewrite without notification of the original poster. It looks and reads so much nicer now, don't you think?

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ST34LTH1/10/15 10:25am

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Asora1/10/15 10:27am

Yes, it does look nicer my good sir. Sorry for the language and grammar issues.



Also, I just realized that the signed GNS books will also be available during kickstarters............

What does Dave mean by that? Would they be also available during kick-starters through Amazon, or the original mail/money order that we fans use now?

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JudasScorpioDeMazier1/10/15 11:23am
I don't understand the problem with it. It'll just make it easier for me to buy the books now. I could care less about the signatures myself, If I see him at a con I feel I'd rather have him sign it there.

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Kirito1/10/15 11:30am
although you have to go to the con, I would also prefer he sign/doodle in them there.

also @Asora you get special things for donating a certain amount to kickstarter campaigns.

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