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Subscribe to this thread Interesting Background Characters created by Kirito on January 9, 2015

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Alej6/23/15 1:55pm
Omg XD

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Kirito6/23/15 3:15pm
If I remember correctly Ravat shows up 3+ times in the GNS in the background.

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DanWithTheHat6/23/15 6:45pm
Dave forshadowed Ravat's appearance in Volume 3 really hard. He is in a ton of pages before he appears before Mace.

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NatChon6/24/15 5:57pm
He is on the same page as Dave, the page that Kit posted.

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NatChon6/25/15 8:44pm
You can see Namah behind the stairs here:

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Kirito6/25/15 8:49pm
Nice catch! I hadn't seen her there. I guess she's sneaking around the school before she meets Mace.

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NatChon6/26/15 1:01pm
She sees him outside the school, sees him get into a fight, then meets him in the air vent. She is most definitely following him.

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NatChon6/27/15 1:54am
She is the tall skinny one.

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Kirito6/27/15 8:14pm
If you look in the first link, on the top pane, to the far left, by the trash can you can see Bone.

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NatChon6/28/15 2:18am
It looks like a sandman right above him too.

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SandwichPie6/30/15 5:27am
This scene had a rather interesting background character.
If you look at the middle of the middle scene, slightly to the left, you will spot a character of the same species as Whip. We know this is not Whip as Whip is imprisoned by Ravat at this point. I just though it was worth mentioning that he is not the only one of his species.

(Caution, very minor prelude spoiler ahead) On a side note, he/she is wandering the Theophanies market(?), probably shopping, and combined with the 'Whip' tribe in prelude, I think it is also safe to conclude that that entire species (or genus?) is capable of complex thought.

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NatChon6/30/15 10:09am
For all we know it could be one of his parents.

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NatChon7/14/15 9:20pm
How about this page:
I wonder what those floating sheets are. Maybe it is a ghost.

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DanWithTheHat7/15/15 4:47am
It's clearly two nightmares taking advantage of the situation. Not scinter and Igrath at all. Those DKs over there are so dead...

Now in the topic of Background characters, there is one there who is taking video of the whole thing on the far left on their data scroll. There is always someone ready to post to Liveleak Anduruna. ^^

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Kirito7/15/15 3:20pm
Nainso can also be seen there in the wide shot, on the very bottom right corner.

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