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Subscribe to this thread Interesting Background Characters created by Kirito on January 9, 2015

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Kymastrider1/12/15 5:29pm
The Author of (HOW TO KILL MICE and throw them around In one easy steps!) The firs thought that comes to my mind is Dave and Liz's pet alligator.

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TruthQuest1/12/15 5:50pm
That character was confirmed to be Tally-Incarnate-DK by Dave in one of the Chats.

....annnnd I just realized that in this week's GN update, V3 pg 251, panel 6, there is an Actual 'Cat-In-The-Hat' reference. Look close.

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Kirito1/12/15 5:51pm
yeah I figured as much >=3

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TFeathersB1/28/15 4:11pm
There's a bat-fox Dreamkeeper in the bottom panel of this page: She even has the same wings as Vanth, sadly it looks like she can't fly too.

Also I really like her friend the eagle-wolf, in fact this whole page is just filled with interesting background characters.

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Dawonguy1/28/15 4:37pm
In the last panel, there's one with two heads. (each with different eye colors might I add)

Also, in TFeathersB's link, I liked the background details in the mall. I mean look at the poster next to Booksplosion, Dave and Liz be criticizing Hollywood (cough cough hunger games, harry potter, divergent, and maze runner cough cough). Don't even get me started on Tinsel's merchandise.

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crazyhead422/7/15 1:23pm
... Did Dave really name one of the books "Read This on the Toilet"?

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BryanDimmsdale2/7/15 6:52pm
Well, I think that's for "special occasions" ;)

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Kirito6/20/15 3:21pm
So I think I may have found Dave in the background of a pane in v3.

Look at page 71 of the GNS:

The scene is pretty busy, with a lot of eye candy to grab your attention.

Zoom in a little more:

Cut off bottom pages to center attention on top pane.

More focusing:

not much to say here.

More zoom:

You can see a small scene with two boys play fighting with a crowd of onlookers. But behind them...

The character here does not look like an anthropomorphic animal like the rest of the creatures we've seen. What's more is he has a white skin tone like a human. Even further, he's wearing Dave's signature hat and scarf. If you look really closely underneath the hat you can also just barely see glasses. It's extremely similar to Dave's take on himself. so...

Dave sighting?

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MrDarkwraith6/20/15 4:10pm
Holy hell I just noticed Ravat in the corner above the 71! Very clever Dave...

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Alej6/20/15 6:31pm
I think the most interesting background characters were in the strip club o3o *grabby hands*

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NatChon6/22/15 12:16am
On page 26 of volume 1 you can find ravat, Indi or Digo, Kalei, a frog like character with a bucket of water on the right side, and some sort of dragon like character on the rooftop on the left side.

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Alej6/22/15 6:36pm
youll have to link it the old pages aren't numbered

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BryanDimmsdale6/22/15 8:42pm
"Ravat looking at Indi's booty"

Here ya go! This is the page:

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Alej6/22/15 8:45pm
RAVAT YOU CREEP! Also who's the one in the goggles in the top right?

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NatChon6/22/15 10:20pm
I don't know but it looks like he is going to dump a bander on the guy below him.

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