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Subscribe to this thread The Troika created by Kymastrider on January 5, 2015

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Kirito1/7/15 3:31pm
That could very well be, actually. Interesting. I've never thought about that.

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TruthQuest1/7/15 3:36pm
A Triad of Leaders was the prevalent thought back on the old forum, suspected 'Leaders' being Nainso Ziska, Igrath Winters, and Scinter. But alas, we have no proof.

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TFeathersB1/7/15 3:38pm
My idea would imply that one of the founders somehow knew about Humans, which made me wonder, do the Nightmares know about Humans? What do they gain from killing off the Dreamkeepers anyway? Access to our world? If so then it's a very bad deal from the looks of it.

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Kirito1/7/15 3:39pm
yeah that could also be true. Any meaning of troika has the number 3 tied to it, so it must be a trio of some sort. It could be leaders, although why would they name the organization after how many leaders they are? It could be anything...

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Kirito1/7/15 3:39pm
@TF they gain access to our minds when they kill our DK I believe

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TruthQuest1/7/15 3:45pm
Somewhere it is said that the NM know about us but the DK don't, Dave, I think, confirmed this but I don't know where.

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TFeathersB1/7/15 4:08pm
A Triad is a name for Chinese organised crime organisations. Maybe Troika is just a twist on it?

But that's the boring answer :P

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DanWithTheHat1/7/15 9:01pm
Well Troika means a set of three. Could it just stand for the founders: Scinter, Grunn, and Igrath?

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ST34LTH1/7/15 9:26pm
Seems as likely theory as any

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Aman37121/10/15 5:27am
What if it represents three sub organizations that are all apart of the Torika?

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Kirito1/10/15 6:58am
Kirito: Dave what does Troika mean? Something about a set of three...

DreamKeepers (Dave): I basically got the idea of a set of three, because I had three basic founders for the group. Plus it has some connotations with the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Not that the Troika are into Bolshevism, but they are a secret organization and stuff.

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Kymastrider1/19/15 6:59pm

I think the Three founders are Scinter, Igrath, and Nainso.

I seriously doubt Grunn is one of the founders.

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DanWithTheHat1/19/15 7:08pm
I was debating whether to put Grunn or Nainso as the third but went with the "not so smart or useful friend but he kind of follows along with us so he's in" pick.

But yeah, Nainso makes a lot more sense. He actually has the ability to think straight and the connections to build up an organization such as the Troika.

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ST34LTH1/19/15 7:13pm
Indeed. They are also pretty much the elite of 3 seperate government related sectors.

Nainso - The political/economics expert (I reckon, at least)
Igrath - Captain of the guard
Scinter- One of the most important scientists, in recent Anduruna history and true rogue to boot.

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BryanDimmsdale1/19/15 10:10pm
But what if there are those people who are equally or far superior positions than them, I mean they might hundreds of Troika members scattered and gathering information.

For now, I have to doubt Igrath and Scinter for a while. If you guys look at my hypothesis/theory again in their thread, that might explained it why, and we are not sure atm because V3 only catches a glimpse of them; hope to see most of the Troikas in V4.

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