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Subscribe to this thread The Troika created by Kymastrider on January 5, 2015

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Kymastrider1/5/15 7:05pm
I didn't know if I wanted to put this in the Character or Story thread. But lets talk about the Troika, been re-watching the classic star wars trilogy this weekend and was thinking in a lot of regards the Troika remind me of the rebel alliance.

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Kirito1/5/15 7:06pm
They are very similar to the rebel alliance. The troika are very powerful from the sound of it.

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ST34LTH1/6/15 2:54am
What are they classified as btw? A gang, an underground veritable army, or what exactly would you define them as?

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Kirito1/6/15 3:50am
I would classify them as underground veritable army

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TFeathersB1/6/15 4:05am
I wonder how many of them there are. They have a lot of stuff for the few that we've seen.

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Kirito1/6/15 4:10am
yeah I wonder how they get their money also. They say they have a huge training area and all that. I'm betting there is quite a few.

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TFeathersB1/6/15 4:31am
Let's see... First we meet Igrath, Grunn and Scinter. Then it's Indi and Digo, one of them mentions that Bobby is a member or at least is affiliated with them. Then we meet Nainso and his frog guard. Then it's Vi, Karo and a third unknown member. In the large poster of all the characters there are four other members that we haven't met yet and Kalei is also included among them.

Finally Woods, Bill, and Damon are joining.

That makes a total of around 19 members that I can see.

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Kymastrider1/6/15 6:14am
I can imagine there are actually quite a few more then just 19, there actual numbers could be in the hundreds, maybe even the thousands, or even hundreds thousands.

@kiriko I believe they get a good portion of there fundings from the illegal sales of Scinter's mark fermentae (the marks also being a separate faction that may provide other services to benefit there income) also they could be in league with bandit clans that control the flow of flow wood but that's just a guess right now.

Not to mention Nainso who is one of the founders I believe is also like a billionaire maybe so he probably has a lot of connections maybe from time to time provides some of his own funding to help in there cause. There could be other secret investors I imagine.

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ST34LTH1/6/15 4:25pm
Yeah, Nainso sorta' seems like the good kind of the 'Illusive Man' (from Mass Effect), and if he really is something like that, then there is no need to explain their source of income, it'd just ruin the mystique :P

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Kirito1/6/15 4:26pm
He's like the batman of the troika

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Kymastrider1/6/15 5:24pm
ive never played mass effect so I really wouldn't know.

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ST34LTH1/6/15 7:53pm
Basically a stinking rich, super smart leader, who specializes in front companies and making it impossible to figure what actually belongs to the group, by looking from the outside.

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TFeathersB1/7/15 3:12pm
How do you pronounce Troika? Does the name even mean anything?

(Also, thanks to my dyslexia I always read it as Tok'ra, the guys from Stargate :P)

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Kirito1/7/15 3:15pm
I pronounce it TROY-KA although that's probably wrong. In Russian it means "A set of three". It also means a slang term for the three organizations which have the most power over Greece's financial future - or at least that future as it is defined within the European Union

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TFeathersB1/7/15 3:27pm
That's how the dictionary says it's pronounced. But I wonder what the three things it represents are?

Humans, Dreamkeeprs and Nightmares?

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