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Subscribe to this thread Mace created by Ice4smaster on February 12, 2013

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BryanDimmsdale1/22/15 9:04pm
Well, yeah Dawonguy, but in this case we're talking about Paige and Mace as the royal family in the past here. XD Sorry bout that.

But that could be interesting.

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Dawonguy1/22/15 9:46pm
So if Mace and Paige were revived from the past, do you think it could be done again (in Paige's case)?

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BryanDimmsdale1/23/15 12:10am
Hmm, I think you've misunderstood the point here. What I am talking about here is that they were DKs living in the past that were revived in the present time (before Paige was killed in the events of the GNS and even before the prelude).

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Asora1/23/15 5:03am


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twincelestialdragons71732141/31/15 4:22pm
Uh them being descendents and having there memories erased for their protection is more probable

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Asora1/31/15 4:42pm
..........still can't follow.

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twincelestialdragons71732141/31/15 6:17pm
Our mace theory

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Dawonguy1/31/15 7:26pm
I've looked back into this thread (kind of a new-ish member here), but from what I understand is that according to your Mace theory is that Mace (and possibly Paige) are/is royalty from a very long time ago and have been reincarnated my some means having to do with the Troika. Also, according to some theories, Mace's power is unlocking the powers of others which makes him valuable to Nabby.

I'm not exactly sold on this theory (perhaps someone could provide some evidence for theory), but there is something that I've been curious about. At the beginning of the comic (the intro), there is a mention that each person is linked with a corresponding Dreamkeeper and vice versa, and this seemed like something too important to leave unexplored in the comic. I mean, they could have made DreamWorld it's own independent fantasy world, yet they decided to link it to the human world from the get-go. I think that the comic will eventually get to the human world, and I'm thinking that Mace's power would be important at that point. (Inter-dimensional travel could be a cool power. Also, seeing the human version of the DKs we all know and love would be cool)

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twincelestialdragons71732142/1/15 10:27am
I agree that would be cool but i think that is only half of his power what if his other half is to be able replicate and use any power he sees cause that would de the most powerful power of them all and them being descendents and having there memories erased for their protection is more probable

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twincelestialdragons71732142/1/15 10:30am
Oh i just thoght of some thing when dks use their powers a halo appears what if when he uses his powers not only a halo appears but a whole archangel armor including wings appears?

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Kirito2/1/15 12:01pm
That would be unlikely twin, unless his power is literally summoning armor.

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Asora2/1/15 1:11pm
Mace summoning armor...........nope. :3

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Dawonguy2/1/15 1:36pm
so what about travel to the human world? Think that could be Mace's power? Nightmares would like to get to humans as mentioned in the Dreamworld tab (and under nightmares), and their only method of doing so is by causing the premature death of a DK. If Mace could open a portal or something to get to the human world, that would be something Nightmares and Dark DKs would be after. What do you guys think?

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Kirito2/1/15 1:42pm
no because it's in another universe, and there really wouldn't be a point. If he could come here than he would potentially let nightmares in.

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Dawonguy2/1/15 2:33pm
So what if it's in another universe? powers can kind of do anything. Also him going to the human world and possibly bringing nightmares with him would be the point of why nightmares and dark DKs are after him because it is mentioned that Nightmares would love to get to a human. ( )
I'm not saying Mace intends to go to the human world right now, but if put into a deadly situation, going anywhere but that bad situation would sound pretty good even if he doesn't know what his power does.

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