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Subscribe to this thread Mace created by Ice4smaster on February 12, 2013

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DanWithTheHat1/17/15 7:18pm
It works now!

Anyway, without giving away too much... I think Nabonidus was more mad that she summoned the Mokoi which is his best assassin. I don't think he really cares if they use sandmen at all. The thing I could see him being worried about is displaying the threat of the Nightmares to the DKs too early so they can prepare. I also think that he really wanted Mace there and now that he is out and about and knows about the threat after him, its going to be much harder to get him.

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Dawonguy1/17/15 7:30pm
So if Mace was the target, I still think that Paige was mistaken for Mace. They both kind of look alike (short, white hair, a darker patch over one eye), and also Paige had Mace's jacket, and Whip was with her. I doubt all of that was written by coincidence. So we know Nabby wants Mace, but why?... (btw, I don't really mind spoilers. I may only be reading the free panels, but I've already stumbled across a few spoilers.) Apparently Mace is now wanted alive (probably for sacrificial reasons).

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Asora1/17/15 7:42pm
It works! Good job my fellow brother! Also, GIRLS UNDERWEAR! :D

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DanWithTheHat1/17/15 8:11pm
Right now, we don't know why Nabby wants Mace. It could his unknown power, his heritage, many things. Vol 3 still keeps that under wraps.

Actually, this isn't a spoiler but you can see that Sandmen are made by Scuttler here: Mace does confront another one in Vol 3 but I'll leave the details until the free pages catch up to that :)

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Kirito1/18/15 7:36am
The only problem I see with mace being wanted for sacrificial reasons is that they only sacrificed jeneviv (rip) to summon Void. Now that he's back I doubt they'd have to do it again. Or does void only appear for a certain amount of time once summoned? He obviously exists in another realm, as seen from his dialogue in v1

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twincelestialdragons71732141/18/15 1:51pm
Maybe they has the only power that can kill them both. Cause nibs and void later fuse into one being which is why he wanted the siblings (i still say is why they look so much alike i mean what else could it be) to use their ancestral powers agenst the dks

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Dawonguy1/18/15 2:00pm
maybe he gets more power?
Nabby said that Tinsel's sabotage costed him his "prize". I'm not quite sure if his "prize" was, Paige who is dead or Mace who is on the run and could be killed by someone else (which would jeopardize rather than "cost" him his "prize"), but then again, if Paige was the original target, why would they be after Mace or even care if he's dead or alive? The blame for the murder was quickly put on Mace probably to get him caught and then Tinsel could probably work some political shenanigans to get him to Nabby or to wherever they want him. The question still remains, why are they after Mace in the first place? What is so special about him?

(also, why Jeneviv? Are there qualification for the one to be sacrificed?)

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twincelestialdragons71732141/18/15 2:04pm
Idk i just think that he wants their ancestral power cause he probly thiks better i have it tben give it a chace to destroy me

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BryanDimmsdale1/19/15 10:18pm
Looks like this is quite similar to my theories/hypotheses on the previous posts (there are two of them, of course)

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twincelestialdragons71732141/20/15 4:43pm
I agree that they are similar but I think mine is more probable

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BryanDimmsdale1/21/15 5:20pm
I would agree, however yours is a bit lacking. I'll try to add or combine it if I have time.

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twincelestialdragons71732141/22/15 2:39pm
K tell us what you find out

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Asora1/22/15 6:52pm

Mace X Namah anyone?

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BryanDimmsdale1/22/15 8:47pm

That royal family statement of yours in quite good, but this where I want to combine it. I believe that both Mace and Paige live in their royal family, but in the ancient past, and yes I think they did somehow preserve what they are planning a long long time ago. Don't you think they are brought from the past to the present? The reason why the nightmares withdraw and stop attacking is whether either that their leader (assuming Nabonidus or Arazu since they can live for a very long time besides the Void) or the royal families have disappeared; out of trace. And here's how they did it: If you read thoroughly the "chronophantasma" link and statement that I give you, you'll see that they are connections on where this is going. Think about it, why would they escape in the ancient past, what's the Nightmare want with them, and don't you think it's connected in the Silent Centuries?


Yours is "UP NEXT!":

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Dawonguy1/22/15 9:00pm
Namah has terrorized the tower on countless occasions in the prelude alone, and Mace has caused a lot of trouble at the orphanage (and did something at school that apparently inspired them to install automated foam gun thing), so who knows what they could do together.

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