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Subscribe to this thread Mace created by Ice4smaster on February 12, 2013

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BryanDimmsdale1/17/15 4:34am
But here's the problem. If Paige is thought to be Mace, then why does the Nightmare attack him in his sleep then? I mean, Ravat might have an idea who Mace is in the first place. Also, if you check on Ravat's thread and according to Kirito, he stated that Paige may be important in some aspect besides Mace, so maybe the dark DKs are trying to kill them both.

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twincelestialdragons71732141/17/15 12:14pm
That can't be cause if you recall the reason for her punishment was cause she let whisp kill paige and like in my theory on the 40-50 somewhere in there the reason mace and paige look alike is because they are more and more likely siblings who forgot they were siblings

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Dawonguy1/17/15 3:17pm
Re: BryanDimmsdate
Ravat and the nightmare seem to have split up to find whoever they were looking for, one to see who had the lights on and the other to look where everyone was sleeping, so they each could have found a "Mace" and attacked before either one could tell the other that they found a "Mace". Also, if the job was to kill both Mace and Paige, why did the assassins leave once "Mace"(Paige) was killed and not look for the other. (by the way, I'm on the free version of the GNS, but I have been spoiled on a few details that are soon to come.)

I still find it odd that Paige was one of the very few female orphans that we know of. I'm no expert in orphanages by any means, but shouldn't there be only boys, only girls, or an even ratio of both?

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Kirito1/17/15 3:49pm
Remember what ravat said? He fought off the sandman and THEN killed paige.

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Asora1/17/15 4:54pm

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Kirito1/17/15 5:02pm
I doubt it. From the proof we probably killed paige. The sandman also doesn't reappear.

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Asora1/17/15 5:35pm

"We" and "reappear"?

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Kirito1/17/15 5:43pm
yes...don't you know? The reader actually killed paige MUHAHAH

my bad I meant Ravat and reappear is a word

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Dawonguy1/17/15 5:44pm
I'd like to assume that the legless one is the sandman because the name works very well for something that kills targets in their sleep with a deadly gas, but I'm having a little trouble finding evidence for that (even trying googling it). I know I'm kind of trying to put something together despite missing a few pieces (only on the free version), but is it possible for the sandman and the legless one that attacked Mace to be two separate entities? Nabonidus did mention that Tinsel summoned the Mokia, one of Nabonidus'"finest assassins", which I doubt was Ravat.

Tinsel's plan was only to sabotage Wisp which we know succeeded (until Nabonidus saw right through it), but that doesn't mean it went according to plan. Kill-steal or wrong target, as long as the murder was put all over the media, Wisp would appear to be the one who screwed up thus achieving Tinsel's objective.

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ST34LTH1/17/15 5:49pm
The legless one you mention IS a sandman; unless you mean Nabby himself. The Mokoi is a creature that doesn't look too similar to Dreamkeeper, so you'd be right in assumin it isn't Ravat.

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Asora1/17/15 6:12pm
Nabby has legs.........WHY YOU NO UP-TO-DATE!?

*throws chair*

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ST34LTH1/17/15 6:22pm
If you were to read his post, then he said he only read the free version. As far as I'm aware, we only see him floating, so far, in the free version.

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Dawonguy1/17/15 6:53pm
A sandman, as in there is more than one? (I only remember Wisp's assassin being refered to as THE sandman.) Anyway, Tinsel summoned something else along with Ravat to be "sent on an errand like a petty plaything". Now whether what she summoned was another sandman, I'm not sure, but what else would she use this assassin for if not for the orphanage murder?

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Asora1/17/15 6:59pm
Your pic is dead.......and when I mean dead, I mean that I can't see it on the page. :3

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Dawonguy1/17/15 7:03pm
how about now?

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