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Subscribe to this thread Mace created by Ice4smaster on February 12, 2013

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Kirito1/3/15 5:07pm
He wants the volume 3 free version to update

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Asora1/3/15 5:09pm
Oh........WHY TWIN NO SAY THAT IN FIRST PLACE!? *throws random stuff*

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twincelestialdragons71732141/3/15 5:10pm
What is this bring up you favroite childhood book or something

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twincelestialdragons71732141/3/15 5:11pm
hahahaha I am a drago

(Burn to sinders)

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Kirito1/3/15 5:13pm
Twin if you're 19 than shouldn't you have a debit card or paypal? The digital version is very cheap.

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Asora1/3/15 5:13pm


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twincelestialdragons71732141/3/15 5:19pm
Yea but ssi got cancelled so i am looking for a job right now that and im in college so i dont have much in the first place

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Kirito1/3/15 5:28pm
True true

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BryanDimmsdale1/4/15 8:10am
I think Mace would really act differently when Whip is not with him. He feel fine, sure, but I kinda noticed that he feels defenseless without him. He could he died already in book one, don't you guys think?

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twincelestialdragons71732141/4/15 10:58am
No i see him all through the 3 free volumes

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Kirito1/4/15 11:00am
Yes, but Bryan is speculating on how Mace would act if Whip was not with him.

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twincelestialdragons71732141/4/15 11:03am
Hmm good point if what i said last time was true. Yea the shock would unlock his memory and powers. If it was true which no one knows.

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Kirito1/4/15 11:04am
...what? If whip was not with Mace, he would probably become self sufficient like he did when Whip was put in the cabinet by Ravat.

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twincelestialdragons71732141/4/15 11:06am
No we mean if he died in the first book

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Kirito1/4/15 11:08am
Bryan is saying that without Whip, Mace feels defenseless. Bryan is saying that without Whip, Mace could have died already in book one.

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