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Subscribe to this thread Mace created by Ice4smaster on February 12, 2013

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Ice4smaster2/12/13 10:34am
Lets have a Place for Mace too, he do need a hideout for his pirate operations and treasure hunt plans haha ( PS. at this rate i just make all threads for the characters lol )

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ezioauditore972/12/13 6:14pm
He is a bit of a thief...

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Roan2/14/13 7:54pm
But then again.. even though he might be a thief, he does it for some reason. It might not be a very good reason to us for stealing, but to him, it's probably a pretty god reasn for stealing. Other than having Mace be a thief.. I can say he is one of the coolest characters in the series.

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ezioauditore972/18/13 7:42pm
A thief with a heart of gold!

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CalicoYorki4/15/13 4:35pm
And he is so -ADORKABLE-


I love the stunted, unwilling way he and Bast are bonding.

Because I could tell, after Grunn tied them up, Bast was -almost- beginning to get that Mace hasn't exactly had an -easy- childhood, himself.

Aaand he's getting protective of Lilith oh just stab my feelings David.

Buuut Namah has given him a -nickname.- I can just -see- them reflecting on unrequited love in Vol. 4, maybe 5 -

be still my heart

Plus, the scene with Ravat was incredible. And I -looove- that it's now a plot-addressed fact that Whip is a Big Damn Hero. Plus, he didn't out-Power- Ravat, he out-smarted- him, which was sooooooo amazing. (not to mention -tying a Sandman up in a blanket- and -tossing it around until its neck broke,- which is an excellently savage way to dispatch the thing.)

Because, from his time at the Orphanage, I'm betting that he knew how the coins would attract the big lummox-squid-thing. And it's only because of it that Mace and Whip made it away.

R.I.P. Giant DerpSquid. We barely knew ye.

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CalvinCopyright4/16/13 3:23pm

It's apparently called a 'transcopis slob' - maybe it does something to attract banders to fish?

But 'derpsquid' is also a really good name.

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Wulfspyder6/8/13 9:35am
Mace doesn't need a glowy halo for his power, because his power is cunning, and cunning is quiet and subtle.

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ezioauditore976/29/13 8:03pm
There was a really interesting thought floating around on the chat last time that if Mace were real he would make a nice pet.If anthros were real I do think they would be counted as sentient and intelligent but I will say that I would rather have him as a friend than pet because I imagine that when he is acting like a disappointed one that thinks there would you are a bad owner just because you didn't give them treats he would use some profanity and those eyes would just guilt trip me seven ways to Sunday.I think that he would be fun to be around so long as he does not mention my Mother in the wrong way because that is taboo to me but then again same would go towards me mentioning Paige.The only thing that would not work well would be the fact that maybe he does not make the best first impressions all the time............

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SuperTurbo42/10/14 10:09pm
You have to admit. Despite how life treats him like a punching bag, Mace is still an optimistic and upbeat guy. Unlike Narp, who's an eternal downer.

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ezioauditore972/11/14 6:36am
Narp acts from reason alone and while there's nothing wrong with that Mace acts from his heart because he wants to make things better for those whom he deems as sweet(At least in the GNS)and there's something heartwarming about that especially how he always made Paige feel good right up until the end and the question is although if he was not there she might have lived and even then that was not his fault I mean how would anybody react in such a situation?How lonely would she be without him?It goes to show how much he cares for others and I'm sure Paige would not have had her life any other way than with him.

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SuperTurbo42/11/14 9:13am
Indeed. He was like a brother to her.

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JackyV2/17/14 4:53am
I wonder what his power is. It must be powerful if nabonidus willing to set all his dark dreamkeepers out to find him. But yet his only interest in the girls is to eliminate them before they talk about the nightmares existence. And considering that Dave seems to be very protective of his power while the other main cast powers he was easily willing to give away. Only time what makes him more important than the rest.

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Salahir2/17/14 5:47am
Even in Tendrils demise his power is not shown. And that little comic is set far in the future.

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zagura2/17/14 7:18am
In one of the earliest releases of Tendril's Demise, Mace actually had a halo over his head when pushing over the pillar, implying resilience/strength was his power. This was then removed shortly after as revisions came along. I believe as things stand now, Tendril's demise is entirely non-cannon.

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SuperTurbo42/17/14 3:08pm
We know that Mace is an orphan, right? Well... what if Nabonidus was his father. I know, it's crazy.

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