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Subscribe to this thread Nainso created by Kymastrider on January 4, 2015

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Kymastrider1/4/15 12:31pm
No one's started a thread on him yet?

Aside from being Director of Executive Relations (whatever that mean's, I don't speak politics) He's also one of the private investor's, founder's (and I'm guessing one of the) leader's of the Troika. I imagine he came from the background of a wealthy family from the Kojiki district, or maybe that's where part of his family came from before they resided in the tower's (alot of this is just my speculation but maybe parts of his family were Kojiki politicians to)

If you remember in volume 3 Lilith was trying to look for information about the existence of Nightmare's that have been removed so I guess the citizens wouldn't suspect they still exist or access knowledge on how to kill the nightmare's when the decide to invade Anduruna. However it's obvious there are those who have known about the existence of nightmare's for some time, and that the Troika were created secretly as a defense against the invading nightmare hordes whenever they do decide to invade Anduruna.

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Kymastrider1/4/15 5:44pm
Since no one made A Nainso thread yet I was waiting for someone to comment before bringing this up but since it's quickly disappearing down the list I feel I should point it out while it's fresh on my mind.

What I like about rereading the GNS several times is it's like Where's Waldo, there's so much eye candy and stuff happening in a single panel that you cant notice everything the first time and you'll always find something you didn't notice the first or even second time you read it.

Here's something I'm sure no one's picked up on yet, on the top panel of this page you can see Nainso behind one of the shock troopers amongst the crowed of drunks shortly after Igrath and Scinter escape. Not only that but you can see a very dimly lit light blue halo above his head indicating that he's using his power. Why do you suppose he's there and what do you think his DK power could be?

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Kirito1/4/15 5:46pm
His halo disappears in the second scene, so I wouldn't know. Maybe he has the power to alter minds in some way to add to the chaos of the mob?

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Kymastrider1/4/15 5:48pm
I didn't even notice he was in the first panel until this morning when I was reading it, so I also didn't notice he was walking away in the second panel.

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Kirito1/4/15 5:48pm
any idea what his power is?

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Kymastrider1/4/15 5:49pm
I honestly have no idea.

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Kirito1/4/15 5:51pm
Yeah, there really isn't anything to even guess at. The only thing I can think of is what I originally said.

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BryanDimmsdale1/4/15 6:34pm
Well, it is said in the wiki that his powers makes him go unnoticed. So, it might be an invisibility powers that nobody will noticed him until someone's been looking for him.

I spotted him in this one as well, hehe

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Kirito1/4/15 6:35pm
Gosh he's really hidden in there XD took me a while to find him!

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Kymastrider1/4/15 9:38pm
I suppose the next question was why do you suppose he was there around that crowed during that time?

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ST34LTH1/5/15 10:19am
I had seen him amongst the Shocks, but seem to have failed to notice the halo (or just forgot, not sure which). The reason for him being there, could be to provide a plan B for getting Igrath and Scinter out, or perhaps it is just like stated earlier, that he added to the chaos by riling up the crowd through some kind of telepathic ability of his.

His powers could either be telepathic manipulation, invisble-unless-looked-at/for or the ability to alter someones sensory input (like for instance bluring vision, lowering hearing, etc.)

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Prometheus1/5/15 3:05pm
Didn't somebody way back predict that he has time powers? That would make sense since his son, Nainso Ziska II, is writing an overview (in the beginning pages of Volume 2) of the great battle which, apparently, has already happened in his time.

Or, the one we're seeing is Ziska II, using his powers to go back in time to gather the facts on what really happened during the fateful months leading up to the war. That would explain why nobody noticed him, because he's not really there. Just his consciousness.

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DanWithTheHat1/5/15 8:26pm
I remember that prediction from the Nainso thread in the old forum. I think someone brought up that he pretty much could be the time lord of the DK universe. When I first read vol 2 I kind of thought of Nainso like the G-man from Half-Life. XD

In addition to making himself go unnoticed, he also manipulates the troops by temporarily making the CO give the order for crowd control repeatedly while they escaped. At least, that is what this looks like in this page:

That theory on Ziska II is interesting. I got to think about that a bit...

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Kymastrider1/5/15 8:45pm
I once thought of giving my character a time based power, but I thought it came off to much like a deus ex machina which is the sort of thing DK's is trying to avoid.

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TruthQuest1/5/15 9:46pm
Not my theory, Nainso's Prelude Bio states that he has mastered the art of being "Consummately unobtrusive". Seance he can still be seen, I'd say that his power allows him to manipulate the minds of those around him.

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