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Dreamkeepers Forums - So what games are you all looking forward to?

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Subscribe to this thread So what games are you all looking forward to? created by ezioauditore97 on February 11, 2013

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dyingdutchman8/6/13 8:29am

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WiseOwlReader8/20/13 8:21am
Wait, has that been announced already?

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dyingdutchman8/20/13 9:54am
nope, wish it was

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Thegunner188/23/13 12:31pm
Pi = about 3.141

3.141 rounded to the the nearest whole number = 3. Number of letters in pie = 3.

Half-Life 4 confirmed.

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AriaOutlander10/27/13 7:19pm
Actually, Half-Life 3 *has* been confirmed. Steam bought the copyrights for it, listed under "Videogames/Software/Entertainment"

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GodofVelcro11/13/13 8:18pm
Starbound looks really great, and it should be coming out soon. Hope the pre-order was worth it. :D

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ezioauditore9711/15/13 5:34am
I want the new XCOM Enemy Within expansion because excruciating tactical choices are so very hardcore and actually make you think.I guess I really like strategy games............

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joeden11/15/13 8:03am
WORLD OF WARCRAFT WARLORDS OF DREANOR!!!! That is what I want so badly

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Animefan1811/16/13 7:41pm
Infamous: Second Son and The Order 1886

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WiseOwlReader11/30/13 6:10pm
I'm having second thoughts on Rome II Total War. Damned thing's a mess according to reviews and video commentaries. Still, It may be worth another look at six-eight months from now. Even with five patches on the game now, I doubt it'll match my expectations.

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ezioauditore9712/1/13 10:31am
Such a disappointment after the previous one set in Japan was so good if I may say?

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GodofVelcro12/2/13 9:30pm
I have Rome II, and I have seen a bunch of the reviews and I see none of the bugs or glitches in my game that have been shown in the reviews. It may just be me, but the AI seems fine, although at times they do make me sing Yakety Sax to myself. The one real issue I have with it is that it is terribly optimized, I literally can not even select any graphics options higher than medium. It is a great game, they just released it before it was ready.

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ezioauditore9712/8/13 7:53pm
Ooo!Telltale games is now doing Borderlands and Game of Thrones games!Their storytelling has really improved a lot and I've been loving their most recent games based on comics (Walking Dead and Wolf among Us which is based on Fables) so I'm quite optimistic about them both.I'm curious as to how they'll handle the one for Borderlands though since it will be a little more story oriented but will still involve a little gun play.What do you all think?

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DanWithTheHat12/17/13 4:52pm
Borderlands has a pretty vast and interesting world so I'm sure they will come up with some awesome stories there. I'm not to sure about how well the Game of Thrones universe will translate into an adventure games though. They may fall into the hole of being fairly generic. Knowing Telltale, both will probably end up pretty good.

Also, that reminds me, I need to play through their Walking Dead games over break. I've been meaning to play them...

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ezioauditore9712/20/13 6:32am
Telltale has a knack for stylized graphics so I know they will at least do the Borderlands one to perfection visually speaking.

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