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Subscribe to this thread So what games are you all looking forward to? created by ezioauditore97 on February 11, 2013

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ezioauditore972/11/13 3:35pm
Bioshock Infinite,Aliens Colonial Marines,Metal Gear Rising,or what are you looking forward to from the video game industry.

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Audentia2/11/13 3:53pm
Bioshock Infinite and Grand Theft Auto 5 for me. :3

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Animefan182/11/13 6:06pm
bioshock infinite, last of us, and dead space 3 until then * makes note to buy sly cooper 4 *

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DanWithTheHat2/11/13 9:56pm
More Borderlands 2 DLC! The DLC they made so far was well worth the 30 dollars for the season pass on its own. Can't wait to play more of it. I also helped fund this first-person-survival shooter game called "Sir, You Are Being Hunted" on KickStarter and it is expected to be released sometime this summer. Its shaping up to be a pretty intense game.

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Tricky2/12/13 2:19am
Definitely Bioshock Infinite, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, and Rayman Origins 2.

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Thegunner182/12/13 11:48am
Gears of War: Judgement, The Last of Us (don't have a Playstation, but it looks immense), Watch Dogs and The Elder Scrolls: Online. I love me some TES!

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AriaOutlander2/12/13 6:02pm
Sounds of Silence and TES:O.

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ezioauditore972/12/13 6:23pm
Good choices!I go the new Sly since I am a platformer fan and it just feels surreal that it actually came out!It plays well and although Aliens Colonial Marines has won me over thanks to it maintaining the time honored FPS system of carrying 7 rifles and shotguns(not quite as much as the guy off Doom) but that nostalgia and lots of homeages to Aliens lets me overlook some dissapointingly glaring flaws in the game,Sly runs smoothly and I just have to wonder what engine it runs on.(Unreal 3?)

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RubahaParen2/13/13 10:18am
Wasteland 2, becouse im always wanted game like fallout or fallout 2. That game was fully funded by fans on Kickstarter. Check in development video(gameplay will be after radio):

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Thegunner182/13/13 10:29am
Kickstarter is pretty damn awesome. There's been some bloody great games and tech funded on that site. As you say, Wasteland 2 was one. I think Star Citizen was one as well? That's gonna be an immense game. Looking forward to playing that with the Oculus Rift. :P

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AmeliaWolfe2/13/13 2:18pm
Most certainly Elder Scrolls Online: The Elder Scrolls Saga is Phenomenal and I can't wait to be able to play with my buddies~!

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xir11110112/14/13 12:30am
TES has really been hitting hard as of late. I really hope they keep it up w/ TES: Online. As for games I'm particularly looking forward to... well... it's more like a port for some upcoming hardware. The port is Doom 3 and the hardware is the Oculus VR.

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SerafinoDragonTamer2/14/13 2:43pm
Will I get eaten if I say Pokemon X/Y?

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IvyKirax2/14/13 9:15pm
totally all for Pokemon X and Y coming out in October. Not overly sure how I feel about TES:Onine due to two sided stories I've heard what with the plotline being similar to past TES games verse gameplay/graphics/handling. Otherwise not too much in the way of new stuff I'm looking forward to cause I'm still preoccupied with TES:Skyrim, GuildWars2, Minecraft and working in SecondLife :P

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Thegunner182/15/13 9:55am
Ah yes, Guild Wars 2! I'm really looking forward to what they're going to do with the Living Story thing. I'm still a sucker for the Charr. I tried to use another race, but I just love the Charr too much ^-^

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