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Subscribe to this thread Woods, Bill, and Damon created by Kymastrider on December 12, 2014

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Kirito12/18/14 12:42pm
Damon has a wife right?

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TruthQuest12/18/14 3:20pm
Damon has a wife.


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Kirito12/18/14 3:25pm
Yeah that's the strip I was thinking of. I couldn't find it >_<. Thank you =D

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Kymastrider1/29/15 12:27pm
Bill is such a win character (way cooler then Woods) would be cool if we saw what his life was like before becoming a Tower guard, maybe he has some interesting storys about him and Woods during there Guard Academy days.

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crazyhead424/6/15 9:19am
Hey guys, I know this is a very tiny detail, but on the image in the middle of the home page ( ) Woods is in the bottom left hand corner in the same stuff he was wearing while employed by the Viscount. And I think that image is centered around the upcoming GNS plot, so... theory time?

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Kymastrider4/6/15 9:47am
that image is cropped from one of the Dreamkeepers posters, there all out of stock right now but I remember Dave said this poster features all the characters that appear in the first 4 volumes.

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DanWithTheHat4/6/15 8:40pm
I don't know if it is centered around Vol 4. Its more that the poster contains all the characters up to Volume 4. It has the slob, Paige, and that tongue beast, among other characters, that have all ready died so I don't think there is too much there to theorize about, sadly.

I can see where you were going with that though. Could those three be the ones to go into the tower undercover and help get the girls out of there? That would be an interesting rescue to say the least.

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TFeathersB4/18/15 11:49am
I just had a thought... Why was Woods, Bill, and Damon fired for the destruction caused in Namah, Lilith and Tinsel's fight when it wasn't their shift? They make the point of it in both V1 and V2.

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Kymastrider4/18/15 12:12pm
I just assumed Tinsel fired them on the spot because she was angry that her breast was now ruined with an ugly black mark.

Or it could be that she felt they were asking to many questions and felt they had to be removed, which could also explain why there work profiles were scrubbed.

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DanWithTheHat4/19/15 5:04pm
Tinsel fired them because they are in charge of watching over the girls (even though it wasn't on their shift) and it makes a good story in the media and the viscount to believe.

She claimed Lilith rampaged through the hall with some boys causing destruction. Firing the guards just shows the public and the viscount that they are taking care of the problem of lax security which allowed Lilith to sneak the boys in. They were scapegoats for this bullshit story.

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xodathe4bdn18/5/16 2:53pm
The three stooges if there ever was one like them
The three amigos that will go through this story with a whole interesting perspective while adding comic relief
Especially bill
Ps indiXwoods forever-it already looks like a love hate relationship or a tsundere story

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UltimateBill8/6/16 10:39am
I agree. These characters are the comic relief of the story and they do a good job of it. Let's hope their act isn't cut short too soon though. That would be horrible!* tear* Especially since all three rank among my top favorite characters. Especially Bill. Bill's my absolute favorite.

Also, I support that IndixWoods there too. That would be cute.

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xodathe4bdn18/6/16 12:53pm
I'm I right the sarcastic, skeptical, self-claimed ladies man
And the hot spicy intelligent Chica who want let woods get away with
Nothing and most likely kick his ass most of the time for woods just being woods
Funny and classic romance of clashing personalities

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Kymastrider10/3/16 1:28pm

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Prometheus10/3/16 10:14pm
I can see Woods being more of the coward of the three and more likely to run rather than fight. He might change if proof is shoved into his face, but that remains to be seen. Sometimes, it's hard to convince people that the status quo has been a complete lie their whole lives.

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