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Subscribe to this thread Woods, Bill, and Damon created by Kymastrider on December 12, 2014

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Kirito12/16/14 1:00pm
Bill's definitely my favorite. Sarcastic beats maturity any day in my book!

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JudasScorpioDeMazier12/16/14 2:18pm
Damon has my money to be on the chopping block.

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Kirito12/16/14 2:32pm
Hm, maybe. Although I thought Bill or Woods are more likely to be, because they are the most liked.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier12/16/14 2:38pm
If Bill dies, I will be like, emotions and feels yo.

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Kirito12/16/14 2:39pm
Same ='( I don't think I'd be able to handle that bruh. (and if Evzen died....)

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ST34LTH12/16/14 2:44pm
Well, Damon would be a classical target for... ehm... 'execution', in that it would force the other two to up against a wall and thus forcing them to be more serious about a lot of things, due to a lack of a wiser figure there to help. Bill seems the most unlikely to me for some reason. I guess I sorta' expect him evolve into a classical example of unexpected hero. And Woods, well... I just can't imagine him not being there to liven up the mood I guess.

P.S.: Sigh... You and your Evzen :3

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Kirito12/16/14 2:46pm
Yeah stealth, that's what I was thinking, but than I thought; that's too obvious. Damon seems very unlikely for killing if you ask me. Well, I hope none of them die, but generally if there's a trio in this type of story, than you can pretty much count on it being broken up.

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ST34LTH12/16/14 2:51pm
That might actually just be it btw. As you said, they will likely get 'broken up'. Perhaps there is hope for all of them surviving after all :P

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Kirito12/16/14 2:56pm
now if this was a GOT type story, all of them would die including their friends, but here's to that not happening. I really don't want them to die, but ugh. I can feel it in my bones.

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Prometheus12/16/14 8:51pm
Just throwing this out there: Am I the only one who thinks Damon is a Toll Wars veteran?

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DanWithTheHat12/16/14 9:01pm
Good point. He very well could be. I wonder how good a shot he will be in Volume 4 during the training exercise shown in that preview? That would be a good indicator of some previous combat experience.

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ST34LTH12/17/14 1:56am
Given that I'm still not entirely familiar with the old history of the dreamkeeper world, I really couldn't say, but it is plausible, and I'd even say highly likely, that he is a combat vet one way or another.

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BryanDimmsdale12/17/14 6:11am
Heck, I would think of him as an ex-shock trooper due to his built. I mean, his one of those guys where you'll just be surprised what were their past lives were, like Ingrath.

Speaking of which, don't you think he has a similar tragedy like Ingrath's, that his wife and kids die, then was somehow fired or left the Anduruna shocktrooper job and move to a more simple bodyguard duty? That may be a possible explanation why he can handle Namah, in the prelude, with ease somehow.

And maybe somehow he has possible connections with Ravat before?

Side note: Here's what I mean about his built he does seem to look like a soldier after all. And I almost though that him and Digo are siblings because of their eye and skin color. XD (Sexy Digo being sexy)

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Prometheus12/17/14 2:18pm
I think he said something about telling his wife about the stuff he has to go through with the guard job, so I assume he was married at the time of Prelude.

I just think he is a guy who has seen some serious shit and could end up in some serious shit if he ever told anyone about it. Nobody who came back from the Toll Wars was allowed to say anything. What they knew would have to go with them to the grave. Damon seems like he was involved with that conflict, considering nothing really phases him half the time. Prelude Namah and her antics, Nainso tossing him a gun knowing the consequences, getting jailed by Troika agents posing as safety troops.

He's just an all around no-nonsense kind of guy with a hint of sarcastic humor. I think he has the best chance of going far with the Troika.

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JudasScorpioDeMazier12/18/14 5:29am
Who has a wife here now? I must've missed that huge piece of information somewhere.

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