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Subscribe to this thread Greetings from the Dane created by ST34LTH on December 9, 2014

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Asora1/4/15 5:58pm

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Kirito1/4/15 5:58pm
That would have been better in a PM

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Asora1/4/15 6:01pm


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ST34LTH1/4/15 6:56pm
Hello and thank you Owl. Don't worry about being late, it still warms equally much for me. This site certainly does attract those interested in writing doesn't it?

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Kirito1/4/15 7:03pm
does RP count as writing yeah?

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ST34LTH1/5/15 10:21am
Co-operative writing, yeah. Although meant for a much smaller audience of course.

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WiseOwlReader1/5/15 1:01pm
What about fan fiction? Dreamkeepers has a very, very small presence on FF . net. I found one good story on Furaffinity.

I'm working right now on a crossover and tying it in with the myth and history of the Dreamkeepersverse. I won't say much else more since I still want to plan it out and hammer out the ideas more.

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ST34LTH1/5/15 2:01pm
I write my own fanfictions from time to time, though most end up as derirative works, rather than actual fanfics :3

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Asora1/5/15 5:37pm

Is there any chance that you can put up a link to that DK Fanfiction on Furaffinity?

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Kirito1/5/15 6:35pm
Are you on FA Asora?

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Asora1/5/15 6:43pm

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Kirito1/5/15 6:44pm
It's a question......................................................

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Asora1/5/15 6:46pm
No, I mean what's FA?

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Kirito1/5/15 6:47pm
Furaffinity -_-

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WiseOwlReader1/6/15 4:59pm

This one is a short story, roughly 1,400 words or so. It's great though, it humanizes the Viscount a good deal. I found it a heartwarming read.

This FF. net story is only one chapter at the moment, hasn't been updated in a while. Still, it's good and well-written.

I'll post more of my findings here as things go on. I know there's a few good stories on Deviantart.

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