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Subscribe to this thread Greetings from the Dane created by ST34LTH on December 9, 2014

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ST34LTH12/13/14 1:00am
*Easter Egg Spoiler Response*
I've failed to notice Batman yet... but I did see the Ravat appearance. It took a lot of self convincing though, flipping back and forth, before I admitted it had to be him.

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Asora12/13/14 4:21pm
Do you know why Batman appears in Dreamkeepers?

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ST34LTH12/14/14 12:42pm
Yes, yes he is >.>

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ST34LTH12/15/14 7:54am
Run and hide! I'm psyked about yet another A+ in a final exam today, so I'm in high spirits and that sadly means I have a pentient for trolling :3 Let's just hope I let it happen to some other poor sods first :S

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Kirito12/15/14 11:32am
brace yourself

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ZycantAlpha12/15/14 6:45pm
Did anyone else read that with HISHE Batman's voice?

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ST34LTH12/16/14 3:35am
Can't say I did. Also, I'm assuming you are refering to Kirito's reply, right?

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Kirito12/16/14 3:40am
I'm not sure what HISHE Batman's voice sounds like XD

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ST34LTH12/16/14 3:44am

There's a voice sample for ya

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Kirito12/16/14 3:52am
Ah, thanks. I was speaking more GOT meme guy voice to be honest.

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ZycantAlpha12/17/14 5:31pm
Actually, I was commenting on Asora's comment since that was the "Because I'm Batman."

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Kirito12/17/14 5:39pm
oh ok that makes more sense

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Asora12/17/14 5:41pm

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Kirito12/17/14 5:43pm
I'm too busy reading up on maritime law and thinking about how dumb randy is

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Asora12/17/14 5:50pm

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