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Subscribe to this thread BUGS! created by Dreamkeepers on February 11, 2013

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Kirito1/18/15 9:17am
Ah, ya know what Dan, it probably was the codemaster messing with it. The error messages show an error on like line 590. Yesterday it was 260

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JudasScorpioDeMazier1/18/15 11:11am
Why can't I remove notifications from threads by simply clicking on the green thing? It's an outrage i donwannalook at some thredssssss ":P

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Asora1/19/15 11:44am
PotatoFox, you sure I couldn't be able to change my user name?

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DanWithTheHat1/19/15 6:47pm
Your user name cannot be changed unless you make a brand new account. Once you choose it, it is yours.... FOREVER!

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JudasScorpioDeMazier1/19/15 7:29pm
Besides, why would you even want to change your name?

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Kirito1/20/15 3:42am
it's like giving birth...

you're stuck with the result

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Asora1/21/15 4:05pm

Surely you can't be serious?

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ST34LTH1/21/15 4:12pm
I doubt Kirito likes being called Shirley ;3

And besides, why change your name indeed? It's synonymous with who you are on the internet after all.

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Asora1/21/15 5:09pm
I........don't know.

Since my RPC character is named Asora Vengel (who doesn't technically match my overall personality), I just wanted to change my username so that it fits more to the overall me.

That's all. :3

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ST34LTH1/22/15 2:10pm
Okay, I can understand that. Take it from me however, if you change your internet handle, odds are people will continue to call you by the old one, which leads to you eventually returning to it regardless. Despite my love for sneaky stuff, I'm not at all silent in most games, often going to great lengths to take out the enemy in a brutal display of shock and awe. For a while I wanted to change my name, but any attempt to do so, was sorta' cancelled out by the world, since I WAS ST34LTH/stealth to everyone else. So the name stuck and despite it not reflecting the truth of my internet persona; I can honestly say that it's for the better too. People know you for who/what you are and what you do, not for the meaning behind the alias. (Something I'd very much like to encourage all of you, who might be wanting to start a career in any creative field, to concider too. Choose a name, not so much because it fits you or your persona, but because it's memorable and the fact that you like it, then the rest comes naturally ;) )

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Kirito1/22/15 2:14pm
My username's been kirito for a hella long time on multiple websites, and if Ki's taken than I have a hard time calling myself something else.

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Asora1/22/15 6:55pm


*tips hat*

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MobileCrusader1/26/15 11:52am
Didn't see the bugs thread earlier. Ill stop posting them in the maintenance log and start posting them here.

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crazyhead422/10/15 5:57pm
I think(?) this is the right place to post this.
There seems to be a bad "forums" link on the LIVE CHAT page ( It leads to somewhere other than here.
Although I'm not exactly sure where that somewhere is, it appears to be another Dream Keepers chat room.

Also "Mark all in thread as read" function doesn't seem to be working, which is problematic because that means I can't get the 18+ threads to stop glaring green at me.
The one in the "account" tab doesn't seem to work either

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ST34LTH2/10/15 11:19pm
Yeah... I can verify both, although I think they've already been reported in the past. I know the 'mark all' button has been a reported issue, but I'm not sure if the issue with the chat-to-forum was ever actually reported, or just observed.

Good lass for reporting them though ;)

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