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Subscribe to this thread BUGS! created by Dreamkeepers on February 11, 2013

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Ed4/11/13 1:04pm
MrPhoenix, when you say uploading pictures, do you mean your avatar icon? Can you describe what's happening exactly? There have been reported avatar issues that seem to require a refresh after posting a new avatar; see if that helps.

Many of these recent errors posted here are with regards to the rest of the Dreamkeepers site, for which David is responsible. He'll have to address those matters. I'll pass these along to his attention. Thank you for reporting them regardless; they all serve to improve the site.

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MrPhoenix4/18/13 7:13pm
Yea, I try to use my avatar and profile page to post pictures of all kinds, mostly things I mention and "draw" to the people I tell about on the forums, both pages haven't been taking my JPG files though.

I have refreshed, saved, all that stuff, but it just doesn't seem to want to take the images.

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joeden5/6/13 9:16am
I just updated my dreamkeeper sheet and it's not showing my about part.

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Ed5/11/13 9:22am
Joeden: Sorted. Thanks for the bug report.

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CalvinCopyright5/24/13 6:33am
I found a bug.

There's a functionality to take you to the first unread post, right? Well, if there is, it's not working.

It takes me to the last page, every time. Not good with something like the Children of the Night RP, which has around 200 pages now.

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MrPhoenix6/28/13 2:31pm
I got another bug.

I was using the PM system and I accidentally deleted a message before reading it, oops my bad. However, the bug came in when I still had the green dot of "You have mail." Now it won't go away, please send help.

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Roan7/3/13 3:41pm
I've got the same bug as Phoenix, with the PM thing,

and when I attempted to change my Profile picture, it won't take any of my pictures. I tried reloading, and logging out, and tried a different picture, but it still would take my PNGs, GIFs or JPGs.

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CalvinCopyright7/9/13 8:50pm

I think your second bug has already been done multiple times. Try clearing your cache.

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Hakuzo7/22/13 12:18pm
Spamduruna topic is now appearing twice in a row on the main page.

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ezioauditore977/22/13 1:56pm
Oh dear it would seem that the same thing is happening on my display.No big deal but it is a bug that can be fixed if you desire.

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Animefan187/23/13 11:25am
@ezioauditore97: what a relief, I thought someone was spiking drinks

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TruthQuest2/14/14 7:59pm
Am currently experiencing a lack of 'Text Wrap' in the thread "The Unofficial Compendium Of Random Dreamkeepers Info". Tends to go out beyond the right side of the window by a few inches.

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DanWithTheHat2/16/14 9:57am
From what it looks like, the text boxes on that page of the thread became super long. The top couple of lines of Ezio's post contains no carriage returns and it is wrapping onto the next line but not after the the text box is already way off the page. Strange...

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ezioauditore972/16/14 5:53pm
Yeah I've noticed it too.It might be a problem with me posting the whole chat log from when I'm there but then again why not?

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Prometheus5/2/14 10:03am
Just out of curiosity, will the text box for PM messages be expanded? It was kind of hard to use because of how small it is.

Also, the Spamduruna page has duplicated again.

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