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Subscribe to this thread BUGS! created by Dreamkeepers on February 11, 2013

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Ed2/19/13 5:21pm
Thanks again for all your continuing bug reports.

Thegunner18: I think I've resolved the Likes/Dislikes issue. Everyone will have to resubmit theirs after correcting the formatting, but I believe it should keep now.

Thegunner18: I've considered a profile preview. I think I'd have a link that allows you to view it as a guest would see it. Alternatively, I could have this "guest" view as the default, and another button to go into editing mode. I just reasoned that it would be more common to edit your profile than view it. Let me know any thoughts on this.

BigEasy: This is an issue for David, as he manages the remainder of the site. Ensure that he hears about that. I'll mention it to him if I remember.

Avolendi: Yes, you are only supposed to be able to edit the latest post, and only if it's yours (of course).

Avolendi: I'll have to fix the greater-than and less-than signs issue. I know what's causing it, but merely overlooked it. Thanks for the notice.

drezlun: The Roleplay button seems to work for me. Try it again?

DeviousPsychopath: Yes, currently everything gets listed on one long page. With some experimentation, we can determine what a good number of posts per page would be. This would require a bit of work.

DeviousPsychopath: It would be quite easy to "mark all as read". Where do you suggest that would go? I would tuck it away in the "Account" page, if left up to me.

Avolendi: Regarding your latest post, can you clarify, please?

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DeviousPsychopath2/22/13 3:18pm
I believe somewhere around 10-15 posts would be a good place for a page break.

As for the Mark all as read option, the account page sounds perfectly fine for now.
Chaos, Panic, and Disorder! My work here is done.

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Avolendi2/24/13 4:21am
In the Roleplay - IC Dreamworld section, I made a topic called "Basic Forum Rules & Guidelines *NEW USERS BE AWARE*" (copied from the old forum). I made a mistake and figured I might as well delete it and recreate it. However it didn't delete that topic.

If it's not visible to others, it might be tied to my account, but when I have the IC Dreamworld section open, I see two topics with the same name (named the second one the same). The original one however cannot be opened and under "Created" and "Last Post" is says "1/1/70 1:00am by ".

Im guessing that happened since it was the last topic in the section and this has to do with a mechanism to prevent the section from being removed. Though that's speculation.

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Mom2/25/13 4:34pm
Thank you IceMaster, I was getting so frustrated with my Avatar not showing.

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MrPhoenix2/25/13 5:01pm
I just want to throw this out there, but I joined a bit ago and have started "putting some meat" on my profile, mostly in the dreamkeeper section. I had some troubles with the avatar showing up, but I that corrected itself... I think. However now, I tried to enter something about him, but it just seems to not show up and deletes itself same for my personnal quote. I am not sure if there is a unspoken character limit, but it is kinda bugg'in me.

Other than that, and this might just be me, but the forum page is cut off on the right about a half inch. I have worked around this, but it is a bug and kinda leads me to speculating every 15th word.I have expanded my window and the cutoff sticks, so it isn't that.

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Mutations20002/25/13 9:05pm
Avatar transparency is nonexistent. I've had to modify my avatar accordingly.

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Gloves2/26/13 4:01pm
The Avatar for my Dreamkeeper page isn't saving, and the "About" section doesn't appear when I log out to check.

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CalvinCopyright2/26/13 6:59pm
Read the posts. You need to clear your cache to fix that problem.

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Paperfold2/28/13 6:09am
Couple of things:

Why not center the forum? It looks kind of weird on large screens, and it's trivially easy to implement (just add "max-width: 1126px; margin: 0 auto;" to the top div's style. max-width instead of just width so it still behaves properly on small screens, 1126px instead of 1013px to compensate for the sidebar).

Also, there's no <body> tags (which are required) and the <title> tag is somewhere in the implied body while it should be (is required to be, actually) in the head. Most browsers will display it properly, but it's not a good idea to rely on browser error handling.

Edit: Oh wow, tags are stripped. Just htmlspecialchars() it...

Edit #2: Avatars recompressed as jpg's to be 100 pixels wide or high? That's a bit silly.

Also, the edit box is tiny. =]

Edit #3: No easy way to link to specific posts at the moment, even though it's supported. Maybe make the date a link to the post?

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Ed2/28/13 8:07pm
Avolendi: I fixed the ghost thread that you reported. That was the result of deleting the first (and only) post in the thread. Now, if a thread has no posts, it will simply not show up.

Paperfold: I've added a link to the post via the date, as you suggested. However, I fail to see why resizing avatars is a bit silly. Also, body and head are clearly not required; as you pointed out, this page does not use them, and works just fine, as has every other site I've ever coded.

MrPhoenix: Are you still having issues? It looks like your profile(s) are successfully populated. If there is still a problem, please clarify. Thanks.

More to come.

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MrPhoenix3/1/13 2:34pm
The "about" tab is fixed, must have just taken a bit to load.

However, I still have that page cutoff issue.

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Ed3/1/13 2:39pm
The page cut off issue, I believe, only occurs in Internet Explorer, and is the result of browsers' own different interpretations of the code. I'll eventually get to a more universal approach, but in the meantime, you can always use another browser (Firefox or Chrome) if it's unbearable.

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MrPhoenix3/1/13 2:43pm
It isn't bad and it hardly effects me, I just wanted to know if that was my own stupidity, since that would be a very likely option.

I am using internet explorer so atleast now I know the problem and can attack it how I will on my end.

Thanks for the help, mate!

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Ed3/1/13 4:21pm
Happy to help. =)

DeviousPsychopath (and everyone else): You can now click on any green "unread" indicator to mark that thread (or section, where applicable) as read. Also, if you ever so choose, you can mark the entire forum as read from your account tab.

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Paperfold3/1/13 5:27pm
Ed, the W3C has set standards to make sure that a webpage is interpreted and shown the same way on all browsers. Following these standards is a good idea. If you don't, you're relying on _browser specific_ error handling to make sure your site displays. This is a Bad Idea, since not all browsers handle errors the same way and it might work differently (or not at all) in the future. It's not hard to follow standards (they're sensible) and it'll save you a world of hurt when *something*'s broken for *someone* and their bug is that they're using a browser that's stricter with standards.
You're also missing a doctype and a character encoding. Again, it might work "just fine" for you and most other people, but you want sites to work for _everyone_, and to make sure of that you follow standards. Simple as that.

About avatars: it's silly to recompress as jpg because it saves no space and severely limits your options as to what avatars you can use (no transparency, for example). I guess your reason for doing it is size (not wanting people to upload 5MB/4000x4000 images to use as avatar is very logical) but recompressing images that are smaller (in dimensions and/or size), _especially_ from lossless formats like gif and png, is silly.

Edit: Also, the edit box is still pretty small (though it seems to be wider than it was before). The date is also stuck to the username above the edit box.

Edit #2: What are your thoughts about centering the site?

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