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Subscribe to this thread BUGS! created by Dreamkeepers on February 11, 2013

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crazyhead422/12/15 5:48pm
Huh? I didn't take it down? I haven't even updated it to fix my mistake!

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Asora2/13/15 5:17am

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crazyhead422/13/15 10:50am
Yes, Asora. There is one tiny mistake in my picture. That's not weird.

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Asora2/13/15 2:47pm
But what was it though?

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crazyhead422/13/15 10:59pm
It's actually still there, but it's really hard to tell at this size. If you look closely at the ring on Vanth's pants, you will find that it still has the original background behind it instead of showing the cape. I have a fixed copy though and will theoretically update my picture to the fixed version.

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ST34LTH2/14/15 7:38am
And what about practically? XD

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crazyhead422/14/15 11:13am
Practically? I probably need a bigger change to take place in my picture before it's worth the hard-drive space to save it as a JPEG to re-upload it. (It's currently a pdn - a paint dot net file)

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crazyhead422/15/15 1:02pm
When one of you guys deletes a post under one of the treads I'm subscribed to, the little dot to the left that tells me when someone has posted to the threads I am subscribed to, but it does not show which thread was commented on from "my account". I then have to open all of them to try to reset that feature to make it useful again.

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DanWithTheHat2/15/15 6:55pm
Just to be clear, you are saying when we delete a post, the dot is still there that shows that there is a new post but it doesn't show up in my account in watched threads. Is that correct?

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crazyhead422/15/15 8:22pm
Um... I'll upload a picture to Tumblr (won't be too hard to photoshop). Words are confusing.


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DanWithTheHat2/15/15 9:12pm
I see what you mean. I'll add it to the list.

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crazyhead422/20/15 9:59pm
The links on the double-sized prelude page lead to that other forum(?) again.

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DanWithTheHat2/21/15 9:05am
There are few places in the site that do that it seems. I'll let Dave know.

That other forum was the forum used before this one was created. We stopped using it as soon as this one went online. Forums-Free wasn't too stable of a host. The forum would go down daily at times.

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crazyhead422/28/15 10:15pm
The link at the bottom of the page that goes to the "Main Characters Page" does it too. Now if you don't mind, I have to keep looking for where Namah's shadow matches Nabondius's body.

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DanWithTheHat3/5/15 4:53pm
So it looks like the bug with the "mark as read" buttons has been fixed. You can now clear sections of posts with it to clear out green lights you do not want to click.

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