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Subscribe to this thread BUGS! created by Dreamkeepers on February 11, 2013

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Avolendi2/14/13 3:15am
Not sure where I mentioned this before, but so it's here for all to see. Using IE 9 on Windows 7, the forum doesn't use the full width of the screen and the right side of the inner width (the part with the posts) is cut off.

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Dreamkeepers2/14/13 4:58pm
The newline issue may be fixed.

Because I just pressed enter.

And again. Unless all this is on the same line,



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DeviousPsychopath2/14/13 5:21pm
Chaos, Panic, and Disorder! My work here is done.

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Ed2/14/13 5:34pm
Resolved newlines.
Resolved Australian email registration.
Resolved Edit button... I think. Verify this one.

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blackhole2/15/13 8:00am
The "About" section also ignores newlines for both the Profile and the Dreamkeeper, and the about section for the Dreamkeeper cannot be edited, as it is always replaced with whatever is in the Profile regardless of how much or how little text is entered in either one.

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Oseirus2/15/13 10:48am
I'm also having problems with the "About" section in the Dreamkeeper profile tab. Refuses to keep any changes.

Ice4smaster's workaround for the forum avatar er... works... for now. The same fix applies to your Dreamkeeper avatar as well.

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Ed2/15/13 2:39pm
I think I've resolved both of these profile issues now. Check and see.

Thanks again to everyone for reporting these bugs. This is an important phase in any new software's development process.

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Thegunner182/15/13 3:02pm
Yeah, that's all fixed there. For me, at least.

However, when I save changes on my profile now, the likes and dislikes all seem to bunch up together and not stay on separate lines. I don't know if this is how other people see it on my profile, so it would be cool if someone could check that on my profile?

I guess this also leads on to Oseirus' suggestion of having a 'prewiew'-esque button on the profiles. That'd be awesome if you could put that into place once all the more important stuff is dealt with. You've been doing a great job so far.

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blackhole2/15/13 8:02pm
The Dreamkeeper about page appears to be fixed, and now properly preserves newlines.

@Thegunner18: I can confirm your likes and dislikes are now a massive, hilarious jumble.

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BigEasy2/15/13 11:20pm
I noticed some of the links in the rest of the site are still taking me to the forums-free page.

I tested the links I could find, these two are still going to the old forum:

1) The forum link on the home page (
2) The "Namah Button" forum link on the prelude weekly webcomic page.

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Avolendi2/17/13 3:20am
It appears that I am not able to edit older posts.
Edit for current post works at least ^^

Important bug: Using a 'less than' sign cuts off the rest of the message. Placing both a opening and closing bracket makes only them 'disappear'. This suggests code insertions can be made.

Also cosmetics: the edit area is very small, showing only 2 lines at a time.

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blackhole2/17/13 1:11pm
Mini XSS detection string:


After testing this and looking at the source, the HTML tags appear to be completely stripped from the output, so there doesn't appear to be any immediate XSS vulnerabilities.

The rules actually explicitly mention that editing only works so long as no one else has posted so I think that's intended behavior.

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drezlun2/17/13 10:37pm
The "Roleplay" button in the menu that lights-up when you scroll over it is broken. The image file apparently does not exist.

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DeviousPsychopath2/17/13 11:31pm
Noticed two things.

Threads do not generate new pages after a certain length. Eventually, we will get threads that extend forever if this is not fixed.

And there is no button to mark all new posts as read. I need to check all threads that have had new posts since my last visit to the forums.
Chaos, Panic, and Disorder! My work here is done.

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Avolendi2/18/13 4:17am
When deleting the first topic "Roleplay - IC Dreamworld" it didn't get removed from the list of topics properly.

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