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Subscribe to this thread BUGS! created by Dreamkeepers on February 11, 2013

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Dreamkeepers2/11/13 10:54am
I've realized telling people to e-mail me isn't the best way to report bugs, since it plonks me as a slow middleman between the problems, and the developer's attention. As such, welcome to the bugs thread! If something's going wonky, report it in here, and we'll see what we can do. 8) Glitches, errors, and bugs: Round them up for extermination!

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CalvinCopyright2/11/13 11:02am
Ooh! Ooh! I got one! The forum ignores newlines! See for yourself! THIS CAPITALIZED TEXT IS SUPPOSED TO BE ON A NEW LINE.

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Thegunner182/11/13 1:00pm
Hm. That might be particularly irritating for RPing. Then again it's no big deal for the moment; we can keep RPing on the other forum. I gotta see this bug business for myself.

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ezioauditore972/11/13 3:31pm
Well it would seem that while I can upload a rather large file meant to be a wallpaper I cannot upload a smaller file that is meant to be used for an avatar and goes along with my username a lot better.

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Hakuzo2/11/13 5:36pm
I noticed the Edit button was broken. I've also listed a few suggestions in another place as well.

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Tricky2/12/13 2:26am
I've noticed that whenever I hit "save changes" on my Dreamkeeper profile, instead of saving the text I entered in the "About" section, it simply deletes. Is there an unspecified limit to the amount of text one can enter into that box, or is it some other reason I am unaware of? Anyway, thanks for making this thread; it's definitely a necessity for any forum as potentially epic as this one.

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RennacFaintheart2/12/13 7:18am
I've been trying to get my avatar onto my account, but each time it says the file was not chosen despite what size and crop modifications I make to it.

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Ice4smaster2/12/13 9:04am
About the Avatar, i do see your avatar ( Blue fixen with black dress ) You might not see it though. Are you using Chrome? If yes, delete the history ( pages, pw and other stuff can be kept 0 then will clear out the chase, and it will show your avatar, i had this issue, first i uploaded my avatar 4 times, then i tried it in a different browser, and it was there, then i reseted chrome as above and appeared properly Also it's very annoying everything gets mold in 1 text block and can not separate it up in sections, the edit function not working, and the stylist functions missing along side linking, image ( and maybe video embed ) Also the Dreamkeeper character section, wanted to add the back ground story, but as mentioned above, the text was deleted, didnt take it. If these things could be fixed, the forum would be at 100% functionality.

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RennacFaintheart2/12/13 11:07am
Ah, I see it now. thanks for the help. Apparently it didn't update till I signed off :P

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CalvinCopyright2/12/13 12:52pm
Wow, cool, I had that same avatar issue as well! Thanks for the help!

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RennisTora2/12/13 5:54pm
Under role play history it says my last was Dec 31, 1969... It uses my "about" info from the profile in the Dreamkeeper "about" box. I had an issue that it would allow my personal quote until I took out the "quotes on each side". And yeah like others have said, it makes avatar sized images blurry but larger one's look fine? And though I wouldn't really call it a bug, it'd be nice to have an example bit beside the info boxes specifically for the Dreamkeeper profile info boxes.

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ezioauditore972/12/13 6:19pm
Well the avatar problem has been apparently fixed and now you know that if there are any Templars on here then there is no escaping the brotherhood!(Yes that was part joke,part reference)

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Audentia2/12/13 7:09pm
I can't edit, or delete. Jesus, someone, help.

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Hakuzo2/12/13 10:55pm
Ivy is trying to register and she cant. She's trying to register with

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Twilight2/13/13 11:40am
We're working on all of these, guys. Thanks for pointing them out ^^

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