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Subscribe to this thread The Rising Shadows OOC created by Kirito on December 4, 2014

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Javelin10/8/15 2:12pm
Cool Nix

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Nix10/8/15 3:35pm
Alright cool. Post your dreamkeeper profiles and I'll accept/decline them.

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Lycanphoenix10/8/15 5:40pm

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Aman371210/8/15 6:43pm
Name: Victor ‘Vic’ Ponxi

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Although lean and lanky, Victor sports some muscular build that’s visible on his arms and chest. He is a cross between a cat and a lizard, with yellow fur and brown scales on his forehead and his arms. His head is in the shape of a gecko and has crimson eyes. Victor has digitigrade legs and two tails, with each of them ending with a point made of scales.

Clothing: Victor usually wears a green short sleeve shirt as well as a pair of brown pants and a silver necklace with a rusty key on it. He also wears a brown stetson hat, given to him by an old friend.

Power: Wonder Balls - Victor has the ability to create glowing yellow orbs, or ‘Wonder Balls’. A wide variety of things can come out of these outwardly-identical balls, with highly unpredictable results ranging from the release of singing birds, garbage and flowers to larger and more dangerous animals, explosions, lightning, shooting blades, etc. He can only summon so many Wonder Balls before he’ll have to rest, since summoning them drains his stamina. On rare occasions, a Wonder Ball will come out as a ‘dud’ and will have absolutely no effect on anything. However, in order to summon these balls, he needs to use coins. To create a Wonder Ball, Victor holds out a coin and, depending on the value of that coin, the coin while disappear in a cloud of smoke with a ‘Poof!’ and create Wonder Balls that vary in number and in effectiveness.

Personality: Victor is a very hasty and clever Dreamkeeper. He’s usually quick on his feet but can also make foolish decisions. He is an adventurous type and likes to explore, but will retreat if the water is too cold. He is also very independent and can be a good leader, but has a lack of consistency from his back-and-forth personality. He loves a good challenge and change is exciting for him. However, Victor is often selfish, and mostly works for his own interests, sometimes even neglecting his friends. Because he is frequently overambitious, witty, and cocky, people find him annoying and sometimes even neglect him, leading him to become insecure of himself, as well as frustrated. When it comes to his sister, Linna, Victor is extremely protective over her and cares for her immensely.

Bio: Victor and Linna were once apart of a poor, but happy family that worked at a harbor in the Margate District. While Victor spent his childhood, getting into trouble and scamming other children for their candy and lucre', Linna dreamed for a good education and a better life for her family. One day though, then the father took Victor out on a fishing trip, a violent storm hit and knocked Victor off board. Bombarded by violent waves, Victor lost sight of his father s the ship they were on seemingly vanished into the storm. Although a rescue team was able to save him, the father was no where to be found, and Victor was traumatized from the ocean.

As time went by, things began to go from bad to worse as the mother started to use the family's money to satisfy her alcohol and gambling addiction, neglecting Victor and Linna. One day though, when victor was returning home with the candy he gambled from the neighborhood children, he was horrified to find that his sister was being attacked by their own mother, who was screaming in rage and holding a kitchen knife. With quick thinking, he grabbed his sister and lead the house, leaving their mother in a violent, drunken madness. It was only a medical that Gusto, a hardy yet generous cook who brought them in and gave them a home, in exiting in working at his restaurant, the Gusto's Pizza and Bar. Although the two now have a significantly better life than before, Linna is still haunted from the past while Victor tries to move on.

Other: Although unbearable to be around for some, Victor can open up to people who are close to him, especially towards his sister. He’s also afraid of the ocean, due to his near death experience at the Margate District.

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Nix10/8/15 7:05pm

Looks good; just keep in mind that the D&D style stats really won't have any material differences in the gameplay. Just roleplay things like speed and agility into it.


Looks good! Interesting power choice. How will you decide if it will be a dud or not? I could see some god modding potential with it.

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Nix10/8/15 7:07pm
The district this will take place in will vary. What are you guys thinking? Personally I could go for margrate or Kojiki. Doesn't really matter tbh.

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Aman371210/9/15 4:23am

Victor knows very little of his power, so if he ends up awakening his power, most of the Wonder Balls he creats will either be completly random and somewhat useless, or duds. Expect more exciting Wonder Balls when Victor becomes skilled at using his power, but they won't break the godmodding line.


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Edwardteach10/9/15 6:52am
I would like to use the same character I am using in the misfits of ruskol,

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Nix10/9/15 6:59pm
Alright cool. So we have me, Edward, Aman, and Phoenix.

I made the IC thread; I'll write stuff in soon.

(Gunner just link your character and I'll accept when you want to join.)

Please note; minimum 50 word post. (exceptions for battle sequences). Be detailed!

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Edwardteach10/9/15 7:17pm
hmm, I have a littlee difficulty with long writing

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Thegunner1810/10/15 8:14am
50 words isn't very much really, and it doesn't have to be super detailed or anything. It just needs to have enough substance to it so that other people have something to react to or something to work from when writing their own posts.

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Nix10/10/15 11:57am
Fifty words is nothing as Gunner says. All you really have to do is try to be more detailed and explain what’s going through your character’s head. I was going to make it 100, but then I thought better of it when I evaluated the skill level of the majority of the forum goers. This whole post was more than 50 words.

: )

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Edwardteach10/10/15 4:33pm

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Javelin10/10/15 5:13pm

Name: Javelin
Date of Birth (& age): 08/11/1999
Place of Birth: margate district
Gender: male
Species/Racial Origin: hyena
Social Class/Community Status:
Language: Spanish
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Brusilov, Valkyrie,

Physical Description

Height: average
Leg type: Digigrade
Weight: average
Body: gray with spots
Hair: black
Eyes: orange
Limb Dexterity: 4-10
Movement speed: speed walking ( with trench coat and Heavy Spear Gatling) regular runing ( when only wearing Leather Combat Utility Vest with but with two pressurized air tank fillers strapped to each side of his combat leggings) run normal (when wearing regular casual clothing and haves twin ballistic knives hidden and strapped to his tail)
Detailed Physical Description: Bulky
Typical Clothing/Equipment: Bulky Utility Combat gear


Personality/Attitude: quiet
Skills/Talents: Combat Engineer
Favourites/Likes: adventures
Most Hated/Dislikes: Evil
Goals/Ambitions: To bring the government to its knees and destroy the dark dream keepers and nightmares
Strengths: to not give the enemy as much ground as possible
Weaknesses: flesh and bones aching after adrenaline cool down after sustaining damage
Fears: the future of Anduruna
Hobbies/Interests: Salvaging junk, building gadgets
Regular Routine: wake up, walk around Anduruna in search for useful items, observes law enforcers a bit, stops by bars not to drink much but to ask bartenders for leads on gov/dark/dream keepers/thugs/strange activity
Philosophy of Life: when government steals lucre from us it's called business but when we steal lucre from them it's a crime
Attitude Toward Death: won't die in peace until he has stopped every tyrant of Anduruna and at least awakened Anduruna with solid proof nightmares are real
Religion/Beliefs: believes in the spirits
Fetishes/Strange Behaviors:
Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: eating a dead pigmy in front of the principal and Harmony (played by dark dream keepers into seeing a corn dog)
Sexual Preference/Experience/Values: Straight
Education/Special Training: engineering
Place/Type of Residence: Big junk yard in Anduruna
Occupation: sub faction
Place of Work:
Work-related Skills: local bounties
Past Occupations: ordinary life of a school kid

Additional Notes

Trope: well intentioned extremist for the good

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Nix10/10/15 9:50pm
Jav I have some issues with your rp style, and the fact that you notoriously god mod your characters. I will have to consider your acceptance further.

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