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Subscribe to this thread The Rising Shadows OOC created by Kirito on December 4, 2014

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Javelin9/18/15 8:27pm

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Aman37129/19/15 5:18am
This RP should be revived through a remake, because I really enjoyed this RP and it would be a shame to let it fade away. I mean, the story was really catching onto me and the characters were so enjoyable. A remade should be made :D

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Javelin9/19/15 7:03am
Ok, do we start in this room or in another

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Aman37129/19/15 3:11pm
It's up to Kirito XD

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Javelin9/20/15 10:17am
Ok :)

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Nix10/7/15 3:52pm
Hey I got permission from Kirito to revive this. Anyone interested?

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Thegunner1810/7/15 6:09pm
So what's the general premise of this RP? Might be interested in getting back into a little bit of RPing after being away for so long.

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Nix10/7/15 6:17pm
I'll copy/paste Kirito's original post to give you the idea. It's a pretty loose rp.

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Nix10/7/15 6:19pm
TRS is a basic spinoff of the original DreamKeepers, with essentially the same idea.

The story:

In Anduruna, the peace is shifting with people beginning to question the Viscount's political reign after hearing rumors of the Nightmares returning after a supposed sighting in the Diony Desert. Is the viscount hiding something? The data scrolls are being censored, citing libel laws. People are being cut off from the REAL news, and are starting to worry.

We follow a group of friends in the search for the truth, and to perhaps stop the Horde-if it should exist- in their attempt to restore peace to Anduruna.

Unlimited characters, although a huge amount probably wouldn't be good for a traveling band of friends.

It's a small neighborhood, maybe 6 houses total, in no specific pattern. About two blocks from his house is a lush forest that leads to the mountains. The ground is full with with grass and other plants, with a gravel road leading to the market.

- Keep it PG-13
- No hyper gore (disembowlment, decapitation. bleeding is perfectly fine.)
- Keep the romance (if there is to be any) at a PG-13 level
- No GModding
- No auto hitting

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Lycanphoenix10/7/15 6:30pm
Here is a link to my character:

This RP could be where he gets recruited not long after moving to the Talocan district.

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Kirito10/7/15 6:52pm
Indeed, I handed the reigns to Nix. He seems to have a good sense of where I wanted to take our story, and how to progress it. I like his style of RP and he seems pretty high level. Of course, I won't hesitate to intervene if something goes down ;3

I figure I was dragging my feet so much, and I've been asked by several people to bring this back. I'd like to see someone finish what I started.

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Lycanphoenix10/7/15 9:11pm
What district will this RP take place in at this point in the story?

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joeden10/8/15 6:19am
Gunner!!! Your alive!!! Long time no see

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Aman371210/8/15 8:55am
Dude... I really want to be in this RP XD


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Thegunner1810/8/15 12:58pm
I'm alive yes, but now potentially back again for a good while. :) I'm in the middle of re-doing my main dreamkeeper that I would maybe use for this anyway. I'll see how things go.

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