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Subscribe to this thread The Rising Shadows OOC created by Kirito on December 4, 2014

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joeden2/3/15 5:37pm
We still going to continue with this one i think its your turn kirito

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Kirito2/3/15 5:43pm
oh jeez you're right thanks

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Edwardteach5/6/15 3:34pm
whats this Rp about?

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Kirito5/6/15 3:41pm
the official description:

In Anduruna, the peace is shifting with people beginning to question the Viscount's political reign after hearing rumors of the Nightmares returning after a supposed sighting in the Diony Desert. Is the viscount hiding something? The data scrolls are being censored, citing libel laws. People are being cut off from the REAL news, and are starting to worry.

We follow a group of friends in the search for the truth, and to perhaps stop the Horde-if it should exist- in their attempt to restore peace to Anduruna.

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Edwardteach5/6/15 3:51pm
oh sounds like fun what has all happened so far?

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Kirito5/6/15 4:16pm
We've traveled from Ruskol to Calypsa currently

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Edwardteach5/6/15 4:22pm
oh ok

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Kirito5/6/15 4:24pm
Joeden has expressed intrest in riving it, so I may.

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Edwardteach5/6/15 4:26pm
I would join if he did

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Aman37125/6/15 5:11pm
I've been wanting to continue this RP for a while now X3

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Kirito5/6/15 5:18pm
really? I'm surprised, there's nothing super unique about it.

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Aman37125/6/15 5:37pm
All RPs start out small, my friend. But they become great if given time :3

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joeden5/7/15 5:36pm
It's going great and I'm definitely interested and continue the thing, should be fun she have a story is out so if you want ideas I have a few word on what to do with the story if you get stuck somewhere but all in all I'd like to continue the RP.

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Javelin9/18/15 7:54pm
(Ok I'm here joeden

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joeden9/18/15 8:11pm
Javelin wrong occ you want party down in talocan

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