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Subscribe to this thread The Rising Shadows OOC created by Kirito on December 4, 2014

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Kirito1/4/15 6:24pm
We are all split up now. We can post our individual endeavors seperatly and meet up at 3:30

I've officially introduced Stark.

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Aman37121/4/15 6:26pm
Lol Stark sure hates his position XD. I can also assume that ST is probably on that criminal list?

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Kirito1/4/15 6:27pm
dude, he's PE #1. He's at the top XD

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Aman37121/4/15 6:31pm
Well, that's just everyone's good old Showtime doing his shenanigans XD

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Kirito1/4/15 6:37pm
I'm thinking up how I could get stark to notice them and start to get on their trail.

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joeden1/12/15 9:54am
let me guess you have a kid for that post aman or would you like me to bring in Ollow?

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Aman37121/12/15 10:22am
I figured that Ollow was one of the main focuses of what is currently happening in the RP

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joeden1/12/15 10:27am
yea i was thinking that'd he'd be hiding in the house but i'm not going to have him in just yet.

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Kirito1/12/15 12:45pm
he's one of the main focuses, however the overall main focus is to find the nightmares and defeat the... you know what

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Aman37121/12/15 12:48pm
Kk :)

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joeden1/12/15 2:40pm
Aman Jamie hasn't seen the kid and Ollow is at the other end of the house.

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Aman37121/12/15 2:42pm
oh, sorry.

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joeden1/12/15 4:03pm
Hey aman you reading the posts because Ollow didn't run out of the closet he jumped down a laundry shoot and Jamie then jumped down bringing show with him and Jamie's now shaking him around.

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Kirito1/12/15 4:04pm
why is Jamie shaking him around if it's his brother?

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joeden1/12/15 4:11pm
He's shaking showtime he's a little to exsited and jumpy trying to get info out of showtime.

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