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Subscribe to this thread Standard greeting. created by Shadowcat on November 24, 2014

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Shadowcat11/27/14 7:02pm
*Looks at Asora disaprovingly*
You really want to sword fight me in my own domain?
*Stands up from pumpkin beanie bag throne, pulls out springer pistol, and shoots Asora in the leg*
Now be quiet my favorite show is on *Sits back down and turns up volume on TV*

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Asora11/27/14 7:14pm

Hah! Spring-loaded Pistols can't harm me! Now, STAND DOWN OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES!

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Shadowcat11/27/14 7:50pm
Ah, Never using spring powered weapons again then. *Throws away springer pistol and pulls out a tazer pistol*
You should reconsider your choice of armor.
*Tazers Asora*
By the way, I'm sitting you silly bear.

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Asora11/27/14 7:57pm
*tazer hits Asora: IT'S NOT AFFECTIVE*

Hah! Fooled again Mr. Shadowcat! My power protects me from serious injury!

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Shadowcat11/27/14 8:01pm
Serious injury eh? *Throws paper ninja stars at Asora*
Then how about a billion minor injuries?

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origamifan11/28/14 4:06am
you know how to make paper ninja stars too ?

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Asora11/28/14 5:30am
*deflects ninja stars with sword*

Even my skills give me the advantage Mr. Shadowcat!

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PotatoFox11/28/14 6:07am
Potato uses Moderate.
Asora panics!

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Asora11/28/14 6:14am
I surrender to your almighty supremacy oh glorious potato!

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PotatoFox11/28/14 9:19am
Potato used EDIT!
It's Super effective!

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Asora11/28/14 11:48am
Asora: No! PotatoFox, what ever you do, you must resist the obsession and abusiveness of your power!

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MobileCrusader11/28/14 12:01pm
Power abuse is so fantastically fun when its not used to censor.

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Asora11/28/14 12:37pm

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Codefreak511/28/14 1:51pm
Heh, well played, Potato.

Now, going back to the actual topic of this thread, welcome, Shadowcat! Even if you've already been here for almost four days! My name's Codefreak5, and I'm relatively new here as well. This is a small, close-knit community, and it's not a bad place to be. I hope you enjoy it here, as I have so far!

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Asora11/28/14 1:57pm
*frown face - literally flipping the bird in a comedic way*

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